§ 2.402 Separate hearings on separate issues; consolidation of proceedings.

(a) In the case of applications under appendix N of part 50 of this chapter for construction permits for nuclear power reactors of a type described in 10 CFR 50.22, or applications pursuant to appendix N of part 52 of this chapter for combined licenses, the Commission or the presiding officer may order separate hearings on particular phases of the proceeding, such as matters related to the acceptability of the design of the reactor, in the context of the site parameters postulated for the design or environmental matters.

(b) If a separate hearing is held on a particular phase of the proceeding, the Commission or presiding officers of each affected proceeding may, under 10 CFR 2.317, consolidate for hearing on that phase two or more proceedings to consider common issues relating to the applications involved in the proceedings, if it finds that this action will be conducive to the proper dispatch of its business and to the ends of justice. In specifying the place of this consolidated hearing, due regard will be given to the convenience and necessity of the parties, petitioners for leave to intervene, or the attorneys or representatives of such persons, and the public interest.

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