§ 2.346 Authority of the Secretary.

When briefs, motions or other documents are submitted to the Commission itself, as opposed to officers who have been delegated authority to act for the Commission, the Secretary or the Assistant Secretary is authorized to:

(a) Prescribe procedures for the filing of briefs, motions, or other pleadings, when the schedules differ from those prescribed by the rules of this part or when the rules of this part do not prescribe a schedule;

(b) Rule on motions for extensions of time;

(c) Reject motions, briefs, pleadings, and other documents filed with the Commission later then the time prescribed by the Secretary or the Assistant Secretary or established by an order, rule or regulation of the Commission unless good cause is shown for the late filing;

(d) Prescribe all procedural arrangements relating to any oral argument to be held before the Commission;

(e) Extend the time for the Commission to rule on a petition for review under § 2.341;

(f) Extend the time for the Commission to grant review on its own motion under § 2.341;

(g) Direct pleadings improperly filed before the Commission to the appropriate presiding officer for action;

(h) Deny a request for hearings, where the request fails to comply with the Commission's pleading requirements set forth in this part, and fails to set forth an arguable basis for further proceedings;

(i) Refer to the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel or an Administrative Judge, as appropriate requests for hearing not falling under § 2.104, where the requestor is entitled to further proceedings; and

(j) Take action on other minor matters.

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