§ 2.333 Authority of the presiding officer to regulate procedure in a hearing.

To prevent unnecessary delays or an unnecessarily large record, the presiding officer:

(a) May limit the number of witnesses whose testimony may be cumulative;

(b) May strike argumentative, repetitious, cumulative, unreliable, immaterial, or irrelevant evidence;

(c) Shall require each party or participant who requests permission to conduct cross-examination to file a cross-examination plan for each witness or panel of witnesses the party or participant proposes to cross-examine;

(d) Must ensure that each party or participant permitted to conduct cross-examination conducts its cross-examination in conformance with the party's or participant's cross-examination plan filed with the presiding officer;

(e) May take necessary and proper measures to prevent argumentative, repetitious, or cumulative cross-examination; and

(f) May impose such time limitations on arguments as the presiding officer determines appropriate, having regard for the volume of the evidence and the importance and complexity of the issues involved.

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