Subpart C—NRC Seal and Flag

§ 1.51 Description and custody of NRC seal.

(a) Pursuant to section 201(a) of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, has adopted an official seal. Its description is as follows: An American bald eagle (similar to that on the Great Seal of the United States of America) of brown and tan with claws and beak of yellow, behind a shield of red, white, and blue, clutching a cluster of thirteen arrows in its left claw and a green olive branch in its right claw, positioned on a field of white, with the words "United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission" in dark blue encircling the eagle. The eagle represents the United States of America and its interests.

(b) The Official Seal of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is illustrated as follows:

NRC Seal

(c) The Secretary of the Commission is responsible for custody of the impression seals and of replica (plaque) seals.

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