Chief Financial Officer

§ 1.31 Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer—

(a) Oversees all financial management activities relating to NRC's programs and operations and provides advice to the Chairman on financial management matters;

(b) Develops and transmits the NRC's budget estimates to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Congress;

(c) Establishes financial management policy including accounting principles and standards for the agency and provides policy guidance to senior managers on the budget and all other financial management activities;

(d) Provides an agencywide management control program for financial and program managers that establishes internal control processes and provides for timely corrective actions regarding material weaknesses that are disclosed to comply with the Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act of 1982;

(e) Develops and manages an agencywide planning, budgeting, and performance management process;

(f) Develops and maintains an integrated agency accounting and financial management system, including an accounting system, and financial reporting and internal controls;

(g) Directs, manages, and provides policy guidance and oversight of agency financial management personnel activities and operations;

(h) Prepares and transmits an annual financial management report to the Chairman and the Director, Office of Management and Budget, including an audited financial statement;

(i) Monitors the financial execution of NRC's budget in relation to actual expenditures, controls the use of NRC funds to ensure that they are expended in accordance with applicable laws and financial management principles, and prepares and submits to the Chairman timely cost and performance reports;

(j) Establishes, maintains, and oversees the implementation of license fee polices and regulations; and

(k) Reviews, on a periodic basis, fees and other charges imposed by NRC for services provided and makes recommendations for revising those charges, as appropriate.

[63 FR 15741, Apr. 1, 1998]

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