§ 1.29 Office of International Programs.

The Office of International Programs—

(a) Advises the Chairman, the Commission, and NRC staff on international issues;

(b) Recommends policies concerning nuclear exports and imports, international safeguards, international physical security, nonproliferation matters, and international cooperation and assistance in nuclear safety and radiation protection;

(c) Plans, develops, and manages international nuclear safety information exchange programs and coordinates international research agreements;

(d) Obtains, evaluates, and uses pertinent information from other NRC and U.S. Government offices in processing nuclear export and import license applications;

(e) Establishes and maintains working relationships with individual countries and international nuclear organizations, as well as other involved U.S. Government agencies; and

(f) Assures that all international activities carried out by the Commission and staff are well coordinated internally and Government-wide and are consistent with NRC and U.S. policies.

[57 FR 1639, Jan. 15, 1992]

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