Commission Staff

§ 1.23 Office of the General Counsel.

The Office of the General Counsel, established pursuant to section 25 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended—

(a) Directs matters of law and legal policy, providing opinions, advice, and assistance to the agency with respect to all of its activities;

(b) Reviews and prepares appropriate draft Commission decisions on public petitions seeking direct Commission action and rulemaking proceedings involving hearings, monitors cases pending before presiding officers and reviews draft Commission decisions on Atomic Safety and Licensing Board decisions and rulings;

(c) Provides interpretation of laws, regulations, and other sources of authority;

(d) Reviews the legal form and content of proposed official actions;

(e) As requested, provides the agency with legal advice and opinions on acquisition matters, including agency procurement contracts; placement of work at Department of Energy national laboratories; interagency agreements to acquire supplies and services; and grants and cooperative agreements. Prepares or concurs in all other interagency agreements, delegations of authority, regulations; orders; licenses; and other legal documents and prepares legal interpretations thereof;

(f) Reviews and directs intellectual property (patent) work;

(g) Represents and protects the interests of the NRC in legal matters and in court proceedings, and in relation to other government agencies, administrative bodies, committees of Congress, foreign governments, and members of the public; and

(h) Represents the NRC staff as a party in NRC administrative hearings.

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