§ 1.15 Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel.

The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel, established pursuant to section 191 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, conducts hearings for the Commission and such other regulatory functions as the Commission authorizes. The Panel is comprised of any number of Administrative Judges (full-time and part-time), who may be lawyers, physicists, engineers, and environmental scientists; and Administrative Law Judges, who hear antitrust, civil penalty, and other cases and serve as Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Chairmen. The Chief Administrative Judge develops and applies procedures governing the activities of Boards, Administrative Judges, and Administrative Law Judges and makes appropriate recommendations to the Commission concerning the rules governing the conduct of hearings. The Panel conducts all licensing and other hearings as directed by the Commission primarily through individual Atomic Safety and Licensing Boards composed of one or three Administrative Judges. Those boards are designated by either the Commission or the Chief Administrative Judge.

[85 FR 65661, Oct. 16, 2020]

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