Inspector General

§ 1.12 Office of the Inspector General.

The Office of the Inspector General—

(a) Develops policies and standards that govern NRC's financial and management audit program;

(b) Plans, directs, and executes the long-range, comprehensive audit program;

(c) Conducts and reports on investigations and inquiries, as necessary, to ascertain and verify the facts with regard to the integrity of all NRC programs and operations;

(d) Investigates possible irregularities or alleged misconduct of NRC employees and contractors;

(e) Refers suspected or alleged criminal violations concerning NRC employees or contractors to the Department of Justice;

(f) Reviews existing and proposed legislation and regulations for their impact on economy and efficiency in the administration of NRC's programs and operations;

(g) Keeps the Commission and the Congress fully and currently informed, by means of semiannual and other reports, about fraud, abuse, and other serious deficiencies in NRC's programs and operations; and

(h) Maintains liaison with audit and inspector general organizations and other law enforcement agencies in regard to all matters relating to the promotion of economy and efficiency and the detection of fraud and abuse in programs and operations.

[54 FR 53313, Dec. 28, 1989]

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