Revision Control of the NRC Online CFR Collection

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission keeps this collection up to date on a weekly basis. Various files in this collection are updated frequently as changes to rules are published at the Federal Register (FR) Web Site. However, the FR notices at the FR Web Site do not include the FR source notes (the FR citations that appear throughout the printed copy of the Code of Federal Regulations). The source notes provide the information necessary to look up the changes in the applicable issue of the Federal Register, which is published each day by the Office of the Federal Register. A sample citation follows:

[52 FR 9460, Mar. 25, 1987, as amended at 59 FR 5938, Feb. 9, 1994]

Many of the files in our online CFR collection include FR citations.

The authoritative reference for FR citations is the collection of printed volumes issued by the Office of the Federal Register, usually in May or June of each year. When the printed volumes are issued, they reflect only those rule changes (and hence citations) received by the FR through December 31 of the previous year (the FR's final date for accepting changes for the annual printed volumes). Thus, although we do our best to keep the content of each file up to date each week, the FR citation in any file of our online CFR collection may lag behind the text of the same file by 6 to 18 months.

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