Design Inspection Review

In February 2017, a working group consisting of experienced supervisors and inspectors was formed by the Director of the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation to conduct an assessment of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) engineering inspections that verify the adequacy of facility design, operations, and testing and make recommendations on improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of the suite of engineering inspections within the ROP. The working group was tasked with the review of NRC engineering inspection procedures (IPs) to determine if gaps and/or overlaps of inspection areas exist. The documents provided on this webpage contains information being used to support this review effort.

Date Description
05/24/2018 Proposed Transformational Changes to NRC Engineering Inspections
02/22/2018 Summary of the Public Meeting on February 22, 2018 to Present the Recommendations for the New Suite of Reactor Oversight Process (ROP) Engineering Inspections Developed by the NRC ROP Engineering Inspection Working Group
02/02/2018 Meeting Summary of December 12, 2017 Public Meeting on NRC's Engineering Inspections
11/30/2017 Letter from NEI, "Collaborative Effort to Identify Efficiencies in Engineering Inspections
11/27/2017 NRC's Engineering Inspections – Pilgrim Watch (PW) and The Town of Duxbury Nuclear Advisory Committee (DNAC) Object to Industry Self- Assessments
11/22/2017 NRC Safety Inspection at Nuclear Power Plants Must Continue
10/23/2017 D. Lochbaum e-mail: Relative value of NRC vs. nuclear industry safety assessments
10/23/2017 Union of Concerned Scientists Letter: Comments on NRC Engineering Inspections
10/17/2017 D. Lochbaum e-mail: Value of NRC's safety inspections
10/15/2017 H. Corsentino e-mail: Nix on the nuclear industry's proposal to replace NRC's engineering inspections with self-assessments"
10/11/2017 NRC Public Meeting Attendee List
10/11/2017 NRC Public Meeting on Licensee Use of Self-Assessment in the ROP – Meeting Summary
10/11/2017 Industry Perspective on Use of Self-Assessments in ROP
10/10/2017 Nuclear Jenga (a.k.a. Industry Self-Assessments in NRC ROP Baseline Inspection Program)
10/08/2017 Nuclear Utility Group Comments on the NRC EQ Inspection Program
09/29/2017 NRC's Presentation for the October 11, 2017 Public Meeting to Discuss Licensee Self-Assessment
09/01/2017 Comments from Nuenergy on NRC Initiative to Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency of ROP Baseline Inspections
08/07/2017 Charter for Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Engineering Inspections
07/26/2017 Meeting Minutes from June 6th 2017 Public Meeting on Design Verification Inspections
07/03/2017 NEI Letter: Collaborative Effort to Identify Efficiencies in Engineering Inspections
06/15/2017 Union of Concerned Scientists Letter: Comments on NRC ROP Engineering Program Changes

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