Reactor Vessel Integrity Database Version 2.0.1

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The Reactor Vessel Integrity Database (RVID) was a DOS-based application developed using FoxPro™ software. The database was enhanced, and was released as Version 2 (RVID 2), a Windows 3.1 native application based on Microsoft Access 2.0™. The database is now available in Microsoft Excel™.

The RVID 2 summarizes the properties of reactor vessel beltline materials for each operating U.S. commercial nuclear power plant. For plants that are not operating, existing data has been maintained (i.e., no existing data for non-operating plants has been deleted). RVID 2 was designed and developed to reflect the current status of reactor pressure vessel integrity, and the data and information are consolidated in a convenient and accessible manner. Some of the data categories are inputs of docketed information; other data categories are computed values, which are not necessarily docketed. The programming logic used for calculations in the RVID 2 follows the methodology in Regulatory Guide 1.99, Revision 2. The data and information provided by licensees' in their responses to the staff's Generic Letter (GL) 92-01, Revision 1 close-out letters, and in response to GL 92-01, Revision 1, Supplement 1, are included in RVID 2. This database includes updates from June 1999 - July 2000.

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Please read the following disclaimer before using this database.

The NRC Reactor Vessel Integrity Database Version 2 is distributed as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

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