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Transportation Package Correspondence

To stay current with news and information from the NRC, you may subscribe to any of the following e-mail lists.

These listserve lists provide all outgoing public correspondence related to Part 71 transportation packages. This includes, but is not limited to, certificate of compliance revisions, exemptions, and safety evaluation reports.  You may choose one or more packages about which you wish to receive correspondence below.

Photo of a spent fuel storage cask on a flat bed trailer
Type B Waste
Artist's rendering of a nuclear fuel rod cluster broken into components: control assembly, Top nozzle, fuel rods, grid assembly, control rod guide thimble tube, bottom nozzle, etc.
Spent Fuel
Photo of a worker inspecting a stainless steel keg of byproduct material
Byproduct Material
(Normal Form)
Photo of radioactive material package
Byproduct Material
(Special Form)
Photo of two bars side by side of unirradiated fissile material
Unirradiated Fissile Material
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