Technical Assistance Request, Interpretation of the 10 CFR 30.13 Exemption

HPPOS-275 PDR-9306140057

See the memorandum from J. E. Glenn to J. A. Grobe dated February 27, 1992.

This memo responds to a technical assistance request concerning an inquiry on interpretation of the 10 CFR 30.13 exemption by Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. (see enclosed letter dated January 29, 1992). The description of proposed operations which includes load consolidation, packaging, surveying, and/or manifesting requires a specific license in accordance with 10 CFR 30.32 and many require an environmental assessment if operations are not categorically exempt in accordance with 10 CFR 51.22 (c) (14) (xii). The exemption in 10 CFR 30.13 applies only to common and contract carriers, freight forwarders, warehousemen, and the U.S. Postal Service to the extent that they transport or store byproduct material in the regular course of carriage for another or storage incident thereto.

Regulatory references: 10 CFR 30.13, 10 CFR 30.32, 10 CFR 51.22

Subject codes: 11.1, 12.17

Applicability: Byproduct material

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