Guidance on Test conditions for Activated Charcoal Using Methyl Iodide

HPPOS-069 PDR-9111210156

See the letter from W. Gammill to F. D. Leckie (Nuclear Containment Systems, Inc.) dated September 24, 1981.

Guidance was provided on test conditions for activated charcoal using methyl iodide. Technically, the best approach is to use ANSI N509-1980, since it is an update and refers to the latest industry-approved test procedures.

Guidance was requested on Regulatory Guide 1.52 for used carbon, as to the proper temperature, relative humidity and the allowable percent penetration. NRC replied that plant Technical Specifications are the over-riding and controlling document. If the Technical Specifications list specific conditions, the test must be performed under those conditions. If some, but not all conditions are specified, then the ASTM procedures in ASTM D3803-1979 "Standard Test Methods for Radioiodine Testing of Nuclear-Grade Gas Phase Adsorbents" should be used to satisfy the remaining conditions. If the Technical Specifications refer to Regulatory Guide 1.52, Revision 2, March 1978, then page 6 of the document provides the proper course of action.

Technically however, the best course of action is to follow ANSI N509-1980, since it is an update and refers to the latest industry approved test procedures (ASTM D3803-1979).

Regulatory references: ANSI N509-1980, ASTM D3803-1979, Regulatory Guide 1.52, Technical Specifications

Subject codes: 5.4

Applicability: Reactors

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