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Status of License Renewal Applications and Industry Activities

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Plant Applications for License Renewal

Completed Applications:

(includes Application, Review Schedule, Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, and Safety Evaluation Report)

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Applications Currently Under Review:

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Future Submittals of Applications:

Fiscal Year No. Renewal Application Applicant Letter of Intent
(ADAMS Accession No.)
Submission Date
2015 1 LaSalle County Station, Unit 1 and Unit 2 Exelon Generation Company, LLC ML123250330 Jan. to Mar. 2015
2 Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company ML12205A001 Sept. 2015
2016 1 Waterford Steam Electric Station, Unit 3 Entergy Nuclear, Inc. ML14065A370 Jan. to Mar. 2016
2017 1 Clinton Power Station, Unit 1 Exelon Generation Company, LLC ML123250330 Jan. to Mar. 2017
2 River Bend Station, Unit 1 Entergy Nuclear, Inc. ML14055A319 Jan. to Mar. 2017
2018 1 Strategic Teaming and Resource Sharing (STARS) No. 6 Un-named ML14167A301 Jul. to Sept. 2018

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Owners' Groups

Babcock & Wilcox -- The Babcock & Wilcox Owners Group, representing five operating B&W plants, has formulated a generic license renewal program. The B&W Owners Group has submitted generic license renewal reports on the reactor coolant system piping, the pressurizer, the reactor pressure vessel, and reactor vessel internals.

Westinghouse -- The Westinghouse Owners Group also has programs for license renewal and has submitted technical reports on the aging management activities for the reactor coolant system supports, the pressurizer, the Class I piping, the containment structure, and the reactor vessel internals.

General Electric -- The Boiling Water Reactor Owners Group submitted a generic technical report on the containment structure and is currently concentrating their efforts on reports related to the vessel internals program.

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Industry Activities

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) -- Industry representatives also participate in working groups and technical committees, coordinated by the Nuclear Energy Institute, to address generic technical and process issues, and to develop additional guidance related to scoping and aging management programs. The NRC has established a formal feedback process by which the resolution of the generic renewal issues and lessons learned during the review of the initial renewal applications is documented and included in revisions to the implementation guidance. These activities are expected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of future license renewal reviews.

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Subscribe to License Renewal Correspondence for a Specific Plant

To subscribe to all outgoing public correspondence for a specific license renewal application by e-mail, simply go to our Operating Reactors Correspondence page enter your email address, name, select the plant(s) of interest and Subscribe. This correspondence will include all publicly available information for a specific plant.

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