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What's New On Our Site

NRC adds links to new material for a given date on government work days. Links on this page cover material added to the site this month and the prior month. For earlier material, see Previous Site Additions.

October 21, 2016

NUREG-1650, Revision 6
The United States of America National Report for the Convention on Nuclear Safety: Seventh National Report, October 2016

October 19, 2016

NUREG/CR-7207, PNNL-23708
Spent Fuel Transportation Package Response to the Newhall Pass Tunnel Fire Scenario, Final Report

NUREG/CR-7206, PNNL-23701
Spent Fuel Transportation Package Response to the MacArthur Maze Fire Scenario, Final Report

October 7, 2016

Safety Evaluation Report – Related to the Early Site Permit Application in the Matter of PSEG Power, LLC and PSEG Nuclear, LLC for the PSEG Early Site Permit Site – Docket No. 52-043 – PSEG Power, LLC and PSEG Nuclear, LLC

October 6, 2016

NUREG/CR-7218, Volume 1 and 2
Rod Bundle Heat Transfer Facility Two-Phase Mixture Level Swell and Uncovery Test Experiments Data Report

September 29, 2016

Application of Automated Analysis Software to Eddy Current Inspection Data from Steam Generator Tube Bundle Mock-up

September 28, 2016

Safety Evaluation Report, Related to the License Renewal of LaSalle County Station, Units 1 and 2, Docket Nos. 50-373 and 50-374, Exelon Generation Company, LLC

Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Use of Robotic Technologies at Nuclear Facilities

NUREG/CR-7227, ORNL/TM-2015/619
US Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Assembly Characteristics: 1968-2013

September 21, 2016

NUREG/KM-0010, Errata
Errata to WASH-1400 The Reactor Safety Study The Introduction of Risk Assessment in the Regulation of Nuclear Reactors

September 16, 2016

NUREG-1437, Supplement 56, Volume 1 and 2
Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants: Regarding Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant – Final Report

September 9, 2016

NUREG/BR-0500, Revision 2
Safety Culture Policy Statement – Spanish

Validation of RELAP5 Model of Ringhals 4 Against a Load Step Test at Uprated Power

September 6, 2016

Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decisionmaking: Some Frequently Asked Questions

International Agreement Report – Analysis of the OSU-MASLWR 001 and 002 Tests by Using the TRACE Code

NUREG-1350, Volume 28
Information Digest, 2016–2017

Age-Specific Radiation Dose Commitment Factors for a one-year Chronic Year

NUREG-1649, Revision 6
Reactor Oversight Process

For earlier material, see Previous Site Additions.

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