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Contracting Opportunities

The NRC awards a wide variety of contracts to commercial firms, non-profit organizations and universities each year. The NRC buys a broad range of products and services, including technical assistance and research in nuclear fields, information technology, facility management and administrative support.


As required by the Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act, P.L. 111-117, NRC's service contract inventories and inventory analyses are provided below:

The NRC also conducts a review of commercial activities performed in-house and identifies staffing resources, indentified as full time equivalents (FTEs) associated with those activities with those activities in the following inventories:

Vendor Communications

The NRC is committed to increasing dialogue with the vendor community. Our Vendor Communication Plan outlines our initiatives to promote vendor communications.

Green Purchasing Plan

NRC’s Green Purchasing Plan helps to ensure that green products and services will be procured to the maximum extent practicable. The goal of the plan is to facilitate purchases that benefit human health and the environment while reducing the agency’s carbon footprint and reliance on any products or services that are less friendly to the environment.

For more information about Contracting Opportunities, review the following information:

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