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Juan Eibenschutz

Education: Degree in Mechanical Electrical Engineer, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 1958

Nuclear Engineering, Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires, Saclay, France, 1960

Work Experience:

1996 – 2001 Vice-president for Production at Luz y Fuerza del Centro

1994 – 1996 Advisor to the Secretary of Energy

1993 -1994 Consultant from April 1993 to November 1994.

1990 – 1993 Chief Advisor to the Secretary of Energy, Mines and State Industry from March 1990 to March 1993.

1965 Began involvement in the development of Mexican nuclear power program.  Served as Executive Secretary to the National Energy Commission from 1975 to 1980.  Within the World Energy Council (WEC), he served as Director of the Mexican Committee, Executive Assembly Honorary Vice-Chairman, and Chairman of the WEC Committee on Energy Issues of Developing Countries. He also served as the Associate Officer within the Division of Nuclear Power and Reactors at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 1962-1964.

Served as Head of the Mexican Electric Research Institute in 1971, and as a member of its Technical Committee from 1984 to 1987.

1959 Joined Comisión Federal de Electricidad; served in planning, operations and management.

1986-1987 President, Latin American Section, American Nuclear Society 

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