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Resolution of Generic Safety Issues: Section 2. Task Action Plan Items ( NUREG-0933, Main Report with Supplements 1–34 )

This section contains all Task Action Plan items documented in NUREG-0371 2 and NUREG-0471 3 as well as all USIs documented in other NRC publications. Items A-1 through A-41 are listed in NUREG-0371 2 and all items with prefixes "B," "C," and "D" are listed in NUREG-0471. 3 USIs identified after publication of NUREG-0371 2 and NUREG-0471 3 are listed in the following documents: NUREG-0510 186 (A-42 through A-44); NUREG-0705 44 ( A-45 through A-48); and NUREG-1090 1788 (A-49). A total of 142 items are listed in this section.

The Generic Issues Tracking System (GITS) Report 38 issued on December 17, 1981, provided a status report on the majority of the 142 items as well as their classification into four categories: Environmental, Licensing Improvement, Safety, and USI. The safety issues identified in the GITS Report 38 provided the basis for all prioritization work contained in this section. The lead responsibility and a summary of the findings for each item listed in this section can be found in Table II of the Introduction.

Item A-1: Water Hammer (Rev. 2)
Item A-2: Asymmetric Blowdown Loads on Reactor Primary Coolant Systems (Rev. 2)
Item A-3: Westinghouse Steam Generator Tube Integrity (Rev. 2)
Item A-4: CE Steam Generator Tube Integrity (Rev. 2)
Item A-5: B&W Steam Generator Tube Integrity (Rev. 2)
Item A-6: MARK I Short-Term Program (Rev. 2)
Item A-7: MARK I Long-Term Program (Rev. 2)
Item A-8: MARK II Containment Pool Dynamic Loads Long-Term Program (Rev. 2)
Item A-9: ATWS (Rev. 2)
Item A-10: BWR Feedwater Nozzle Cracking (Rev. 2)
Item A-11: Reactor Vessel Materials Toughness (Rev. 2)
Item A-12: Fracture Toughness of Steam Generator and Reactor Coolant Pump Supports (Rev. 2)
Item A-13: Snubber Operability Assurance (Rev. 2)
Item A-14: Flaw Detection (Rev. 1)
Item A-15: Primary Coolant System Decontamination and Steam Generator Chemical Cleaning (Rev. 1)
Item A-16: Steam Effects on BWR Core Spray Distribution (Rev. 1)
Item A-17: Systems Interactions in Nuclear Power Plants (Rev. 2)
Item A-18: Pipe Rupture Design Criteria (Rev. 1)
Item A-19: Digital Computer Protection System (Rev. 3)
Item A-20: Impacts of the Coal Fuel Cycle Description (Rev. 2)
Item A-21: Main Steam Line Break Inside Containment - Evaluation of Environmental Conditions for Equipment Qualification (Rev. 1)
Item A-22: PWR Main Steam Line Break - Core, Reactor Vessel, and Containment Building Response
Item A-23: Containment Leak Testing (Rev. 1)
Item A-24: Qualification of Class 1E Safety-Related Equipment (Rev. 2)
Item A-25: Non-Safety Loads on Class 1E Power Sources
Item A-26: Reactor Vessel Pressure Transient Protection (Rev. 2)
Item A-27: Reload Applications (Rev. 1)
Item A-28: Increase in Spent Fuel Pool Storage Capacity
Item A-29: Nuclear Power Plant Design for the Reduction of Vulnerability to Industrial Sabotage (Rev. 1)
Item A-30: Adequacy of Safety-Related DC Power Supplies (Rev. 1)
Item A-31: RHR Shutdown Requirements (Rev. 1)
Item A-32: Missile Effects
Item A-33: NEPA Review of Accident Risks
Item A-34: Instruments for Monitoring Radiation and Process Variables During Accidents
Item A-35: Adequacy of Offsite Power Systems (Rev. 1)
Item A-36: Control of Heavy Loads near Spent Fuel (Rev. 2)
Item A-37: Turbine Missiles ( 2)
Item A-38: Tornado Missiles (Rev. 3)
Item A-39: Determination of Safety Relief Valve Pool Dynamic Loads and Temperature Limits (Rev. 1) (Rev. 3)
Item A-40: Seismic Design Criteria (Rev. 1)
Item A-41: Long-Term Seismic Program (Rev. 1)
Item A-42: Pipe Cracks in Boiling Water Reactors (Rev. 2)
Item A-43: Containment Emergency Sump Performance (Rev. 1)
Item A-44: Station Blackout (Rev. 1)
Item A-45: Shutdown Decay Heat Removal Requirements (Rev. 1)
Item A-46: Seismic Qualification of Equipment in Operating Plants (Rev. 2)
Item A-47: Safety Implications of Control Systems (Rev. 1)
Item A-48: Hydrogen Control Measures and Effects of Hydrogen Burns on Safety Equipment (Rev. 1)
Item A-49: Pressurized Thermal Shock (Rev. 1)
Item B-1: Environmental Technical Specifications ( 2)
Item B-2: Forecasting Electricity Demand
Item B-3: Event Categorization
Item B-4: ECCS Reliability
Item B-5: Ductility of Two-Way Slabs and Shells and Buckling Behavior of Steel Containments (Rev. 1)
Item B-6: Loads, Load Combinations, Stress Limits
Item B-7: Secondary Accident Consequence Modeling
Item B-8: Locking out of ECCS Power-Operated Valves (Rev. 1)
Item B-9: Electrical Cable Penetrations of Containment
Item B-10: Behavior of BWR MARK III Containments (Rev. 1)
Item B-11: Subcompartment Standard Problems (Rev. 1)
Item B-12: Containment Cooling Requirements (Non-LOCA) (Rev. 1)
Item B-13: Marviken Test Data Evaluation (Rev. 1)
Item B-14: Study of Hydrogen Mixing Capability in Containment Post-LOCA
Item B-15: Contempt Computer Code Maintenance
Item B-16: Protection Against Postulated Piping Failures in Fluid Systems Outside Containment
Item B-17: Criteria for Safety-Related Operator Actions
Item B-18: Vortex Suppression Requirements for Containment Sumps
Item B-19: Thermal-Hydraulic Stability (Rev. 1)
Item B-20: Standard Problem Analysis (Rev. 1)
Item B-21: Core Physics
Item B-22: LWR Fuel (Rev. 2) ( 2)
Item B-23: LMFBR Fuel
Item B-24: Seismic Qualification of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment
Item B-25: Piping Benchmark Problems (Rev. 1)
Item B-26: Structural Integrity of Containment Penetrations (Rev. 1)
Item B-27: Implementation and Use of Subsection NF (Rev. 1)
Item B-28: Radionuclide/Sediment Transport Program
Item B-29: Effectiveness of Ultimate Heat Sinks
Item B-30: Design Basis Floods and Probability (Rev. 1)
Item B-31: Dam Failure Model (Rev. 1)
Item B-32: Ice Effects on Safety-Related Water Supplies (Rev. 1)
Item B-33: Dose Assessment Methodology
Item B-34: Occupational Radiation Exposure Reduction
Item B-35: Confirmation of Appendix I Models for Calculations of Releases of Radioactive Materials in Gaseous and Liquid Effluents from Light Water-Cooled Power Reactors (Rev. 1)
Item B-36: Develop Design, Testing, and Maintenance Criteria for Atmosphere Cleanup System Air Filtration and Adsorption Units for Engineered Safety Features Systems and for Normal Ventilation Systems
Item B-37: Chemical Discharges to Receiving Waters
Item B-38: Reconnaissance Level Investigations
Item B-39: Transmission Lines
Item B-40: Effects of Power Plant Entrainment on Plankton
Item B-41: Impacts on Fisheries
Item B-42: Socioeconomic Environmental Impacts
Item B-43: Value of Aerial Photographs for Site Evaluation
Item B-44: Forecasts of Generating Costs of Coal and Nuclear Plants
Item B-45: Need for Power-Energy Conservation
Item B-46: Costs of Alternatives in Environmental Design
Item B-47: Inservice Inspection of Supports - Classes 1, 2, 3, and MC Components ( 2)
Item B-48: BWR Control Rod Drive Mechanical Failures
Item B-49: Inservice Inspection Criteria and Corrosion Prevention Criteria for Containments (Rev. 1)
Item B-50: Post-Operating Basis Earthquake Inspection (Rev. 1)
Item B-51: Assessment of Inelastic Analysis Techniques for Equipment and Components
Item B-52: Fuel Assembly Seismic and LOCA Responses
Item B-53: Load Break Switch
Item B-54: Ice Condenser Containments (Rev. 1)
Item B-55: Improved Reliability of Target Rock Safety Relief Valves (Rev. 1)
Item B-56: Diesel Reliability (Rev. 2)
Item B-57: Station Blackout
Item B-58: Passive Mechanical Failures (Rev. 1)
Item B-59: (N-1) Loop Operation in BWRs and PWRs (Rev. 1)
Item B-60: Loose Parts Monitoring Systems (Rev. 1)
Item B-61: Allowable ECCS Equipment Outage Periods (Rev. 1)
Item B-62: Reexamination of Technical Bases for Establishing SLs, LSSSs, and Reactor Protection System Trip Functions
Item B-63: Isolation of Low Pressure Systems Connected to the Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary
Item B-64: Decommissioning of Reactors (Rev. 2)
Item B-65: Iodine Spiking (Rev. 2)
Item B-66: Control Room Infiltration Measurements
Item B-67: Effluent and Process Monitoring Instrumentation
Item B-68: Pump Overspeed During LOCA
Item B-69: ECCS Leakage Ex-Containment
Item B-70: Power Grid Frequency Degradation and Effect on Primary Coolant Pumps
Item B-71: Incident Response
Item B-72: Health Effects and Life-Shortening from Uranium and Coal Fuel Cycles (Rev. 1)
Item B-73: Monitoring for Excessive Vibration Inside the Reactor Pressure Vessel
Item C-1: Assurance of Continuous Long-Term Capability of Hermetic Seals on Instrumentation and Electrical Equipment
Item C-2: Study of Containment Depressurization by Inadvertent Spray Operation to Determine Adequacy of Containment External Design Pressure
Item C-3: Insulation Usage Within Containment (Rev. 1)
Item C-4: Statistical Methods for ECCS Analysis (Rev. 1)
Item C-5: Decay Heat Update (Rev. 1)
Item C-6: LOCA Heat Sources (Rev. 1)
Item C-7: PWR System Piping
Item C-8: Main Steam Line Leakage Control Systems (Rev. 1)
Item C-9: RHR Heat Exchanger Tube Failures
Item C-10: Effective Operation of Containment Sprays in a LOCA
Item C-11: Assessment of Failure and Reliability of Pumps and Valves (Rev. 1)
Item C-12: Primary System Vibration Assessment
Item C-13: Non-Random Failures (Rev. 1)
Item C-14: Storm Surge Model for Coastal Sites (Rev. 1)
Item C-15: NUREG Report for Liquid Tank Failure Analysis
Item C-16: Assessment of Agricultural Land in Relation to Power Plant Siting and Cooling System Selection ( 2)
Item C-17: Interim Acceptance Criteria for Solidification Agents for Radioactive Solid Wastes
Item D-1: Advisability of a Seismic Scram (Rev. 1)
Item D-2: Emergency Core Cooling System Capability for Future Plants (Rev. 1)
Item D-3: Control Rod Drop Accident