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Resolution of Generic Safety Issues: Section 1. TMI Action Plan Items ( NUREG-0933, Main Report with Supplements 1–34 )

This section contains the TMI Action Plan items that were documented in NUREG-0660. 48 All items in Chapters I, II, III, and IV that were identified for prioritization and listed in this section follow the numbering system established in NUREG-0660. 48 Items found to be closely related have been combined where possible to form single issues for prioritization purposes. As a result, some of these combined issues contain items with the lead responsibility assigned to several offices. However, the lead responsibility and a summary of the findings for each item listed can be found in Table II of the Introduction. Items clarified in NUREG-0737 98 are listed in this section for accounting purposes only.

Chapters I, II, III, and IV presented a detailing of plans for NRC staff or licensee action whereas Chapter V addressed NRC policy, organization, and management and originally called for 17 specific actions to be taken by the Commissioners. In recognition of the interrelationships that required correlated planning, these 17 items were later grouped into seven subject areas by the staff and forwarded to the Commission in SECY-80-230B. 972 This revision to Chapter V was agreed upon by the Commission and was published as Rev. 1 to NUREG-0660 48 in July 1980. All items of Chapter V listed in this section follow the numbering system established in NUREG-0660, 48 Rev. 1.

Task I.A: Operating Personnel (Rev. 3)
Task I.A.2: Training and Qualifications of Operating Personnel (Rev. 6)
Task I.A.3: Licensing and Requalification of Operating Personnel (Rev. 6)
Task I.A.4: Simulator Use and Development (Rev. 6)
Task I.B: Support Personnel (Rev. 4) (Rev. 1)
Task I.B.2: Inspection of Operating Reactors (Rev. 1)
Task I.C: Operating Procedures (Rev. 4)
Task I.D: Control Room Design (Rev. 8)
Task I.E: Analysis and Dissemination of Operating Experience (Rev. 3)
Task I.F: Quality Assurance (Rev. 5)
Task I.G: Preoperational and Low-Power Testing (Rev. 3)
Task II.A: Siting (Rev. 2)
Task II.B: Consideration of Degraded or Melted Cores in Safety Review (Rev. 5)
Task II.C: Reliability Engineering and Risk Assessment (Rev. 3)
Task II.D: Reactor Coolant System Relief and Safety Valves (Rev. 3)
Task II.E: System Design (Rev. 2)
Task II.E.2: Emergency Core Cooling System (Rev. 3)
Task II.E.3: Decay Heat Removal (Rev. 2)
Task II.E.4: Containment Design (Rev. 2)
Task II.E.5: Design Sensitivity of B&W Reactors (Rev. 2)
Task II.E.6: In Situ Testing of Valves (Rev. 2)
Task II.F: Instrumentation and Controls (Rev. 3)
Task II.G: Electrical Power (Rev. 1)
Task II.H: TMI-2 Cleanup and Examination (Rev. 3)
Task II.J: General Implications of TMI for Design and Construction Activities (Rev. 1)
Task II.J.2: Construction Inspection Program (Rev. 1)
Task II.J.3: Management for Design and Construction (Rev. 1)
Task II.J.4: Revise Deficiency Reporting Requirements (Rev. 3)
Task II.K: Measures to Mitigate Small-Break Loss-Of-Coolant Accidents and Loss-Of-Feedwater Accidents ( 2)
Task III.A: Emergency Preparedness and Radiation Effects
Task III.A.2: Improving Licensee Emergency Preparedness - Long-Term
Task III.A.3: Improving NRC Emergency Preparedness
Task III.B: Emergency Preparedness of State and Local Governments
Task III.C: Public Information
Task III.D: Radiation Protection
Task III.D.2: Public Radiation Protection Improvement (Rev. 4)
Task III.D.3: Worker Radiation Protection Improvement (Rev. 3)
Task IV.A: Strengthen Enforcement Process
Task IV.B: Issuance of Instructions and Information to Licensees
Task IV.C: Extend Lessons Learned to Licensed Activities Other than Power Reactors
Task IV.D: NRC Staff Training
Task IV.E: Safety Decision-Making (Rev. 3)
Task IV.F: Financial Disincentives to Safety
Task IV.G: Improve Safety Rulemaking Procedures
Task IV.H: NRC Participation in the Radiation Policy Council
Task V.A: Development of Safety Policy
Task V.B: Possible Elimination of Non-Safety Responsibilities
Task V.C: Advisory Committees
Task V.D: Licensing Process (Rev. 1)
Task V.E: Legislative Needs (Rev. 1)
Task V.F: Organization and Management
Task V.G: Consolidation of NRC Locations