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TH35 Status of Research Activities in Preparation for Licensing of Advanced Reactors

The Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES) is conducting research activities supporting an overall NRC plan for the licensing review of anticipated new reactors applications. These may include high-temperature gas reactors (HTGRs), liquid-metal reactors (LMRs), integral pressured water reactors (iPWRs) and other small modular reactors. These research activities include, for example, the modification and integration of existing NRC codes to develop an overall evaluation model for use in analyzing and assessing the behavior of proposed HTGR designs. They also include addressing various materials issues, such as the challenges in using high-temperature metals and graphite and in applying nondestructive examination (NDE) techniques to advanced reactor environments. RES has or is planning similar research activities in support of the NRC plan for the licensing review of iPWRs and LMRs. This technical session will provide the status of these research activities.



Michael Scott, Branch Chief, Division of Systems Analysis, NRC/RES





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