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Resolution of Generic Safety Issues: Issue 62: Reactor Systems Bolting Applications (Rev. 1) ( NUREG-0933, Main Report with Supplements 1–35 )


This issue was raised in November 1981 by the Materials Engineering Branch (MTEB), DE/NRR, and was based on the concern that NRC provides no control regulations or guides for bolting other than for the reactor vessel head.


In December 1981, Issue 29, "Bolting Degradation or Failure in Nuclear Power Plants," was determined to be of high priority. Resolution of Issue 29 will include all safety-related bolting, with emphasis on reactor coolant pressure boundary bolting degradation or failure. Thus, Issue 29 was broadened to cover Issue 62. The tasks in Issue 29 include: (1) development of the technical bases for bolting application requirements; (2) review of licensee responses to IE Bulletin 82-02;1129 (3) draft of a staff recommendation for proposed criteria/guidelines to be incorporated into the SRP;11 and (4) development of a proposed implementation plan for management consideration. Therefore, this issue was integrated into the resolution of Issue 29.


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