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Resolution of Generic Safety Issues: Item B-71: Incident Response ( NUREG-0933, Main Report with Supplements 1–34 )


Present NRC actions taken in response to a serious incident are directed from an Incident Response Center (IRC). To implement an adequate response, it is necessary that the IRC be equipped with appropriate communications services, information handling and evaluation aids, pre-approved action guidelines, and technical and management personnel resources. The present IRC, which is manned during the course of an incident by a team of NRC management and technical staff,

has all of these to some degree. A joint NRR/OIE paper, dated July 23, 1976, addresses whether practical and useful short-term and long-term improvements can be made. The paper covers the following areas: (1) discusses the practicality and need for various IRC resources as a function of the goals of the NRC response capability and the time sequences of a spectrum of incident scenarios judged typical of those that are at least theoretically possible, and (2) makes recommendations with regard to NRR and OIE actions to improve the IRC. Following the TMI-2 accident, a number of groups were formed to investigate the accident, one of which was the NRC Special Inquiry Group. The Special Inquiry Group recommended that the NRC's present policy referred to in Manual Chapter 0502, "NRC Incident Response Program," should be clarified. The NRC should prepare and publish a policy statement concerning whether, and under what conditions, the NRC will intervene to direct recovery actions following an accident. The statement should clarify the responsibilities of licensee management unless and until these are preempted by the NRC. This item is documented in NUREG-0471.3


This item is covered in TMI Action Plan Item III.A.3.1, "Emergency Preparedness -NRC Role in Responding to Nuclear Emergencies," evaluated in Section 3 of this report.

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