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Resolution of Generic Safety Issues: Item B-20: Standard Problem Analysis (Rev. 1) ( NUREG-0933, Main Report with Supplements 1–34 )


Most vendors, in the conduct of internal audits of emergency core cooling performance computer codes, discovered errors in coding and/or logic which had significant effects on the prediction results of approved models. This NUREG-04713 task involved the use of standard problems to evaluate the predictive accuracy of these complex computer codes and to detect errors, to the extent that the errors affect the results of code predictions.


This item is a Licensing Issue. As a part of the improvements to NUREG-0933, the NRC staff clarified in SECY-11-0101, “Summary of Activities Related to Generic Issues Program,” dated July 26, 2011,1967 that the Generic Issues Program will not pursue any further actions toward resolution of licensing and regulatory impact issues. Because licensing and regulatory impact issues are not safety issues by the classification guidance in the legacy Generic Issues Program, these issues do not meet at least one of the Generic Issues Program screening criteria and do not warrant further processing in accordance with Management Directive 6.4, “Generic Issues Program,” dated November 17, 2009.1858 Therefore, this issue will not be pursued any further in the Generic Issues Program.


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