§ 26.35 Employee assistance programs.

(a) Each licensee and other entity who is subject to this part shall maintain an EAP to strengthen the FFD program by offering confidential assessment, short-term counseling, referral services, and treatment monitoring to individuals who have problems that could adversely affect the individuals' abilities to safely and competently perform their duties. Employee assistance programs must be designed to achieve early intervention and provide for confidential assistance.

(b) Licensees and other entities need not provide EAP services to a C/V's employees, including those whose work location is a licensee's or other entity's facility, or to individuals who have applied for, but have not yet been granted, authorization under subpart C of this part.

(c) The EAP staff shall protect the identity and privacy of any individual (including those who have self-referred) seeking assistance from the EAP, except if the individual waives the right to privacy in writing or a determination is made that the individual's condition or actions pose or have posed an immediate hazard to himself or herself or others.

(1) Licensees and other entities may not require the EAP to routinely report the names of individuals who self-refer to the EAP or the nature of the assistance the individuals sought.

(2) If EAP personnel determine that an individual poses or has posed an immediate hazard to himself or herself or others, EAP personnel shall so inform FFD program management, and need not obtain a written waiver of the right to privacy from the individual. The individual conditions or actions that EAP personnel shall report to FFD program management include, but are not limited to, substantive reasons to believe that the individual—

(i) Is likely to commit self-harm or harm to others;

(ii) Has been impaired from using drugs or alcohol while in a work status and has a continuing substance abuse disorder that makes it likely he or she will be impaired while in a work status in the future; or

(iii) Has ever engaged in any acts that would be reportable under § 26.719(b)(1) through (b)(3).

(3) If a licensee or other entity receives a report from EAP personnel under paragraph (c)(2) of this section, the licensee or other entity shall ensure that the requirements of §§ 26.69(d) and 26.77(b) are implemented, as applicable.

[73 FR 17186 Mar. 31, 2008]

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