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§ 9.45 Annual report to the Attorney General of the United States.

(a) On or before February 1 of each year, the NRC will submit a report covering the preceding fiscal year to the Attorney General of the United States which shall include--

(1) The number of determinations made by the NRC to deny requests for records made to the NRC under this part and the reasons for each determination;

(2) The number of appeals made by persons under § 9.29, the results of the appeals, and the reason for the action taken on each appeal that results in a denial of information;

(3) A complete list of all statutes that the NRC relied upon to withhold information under subsection (b)(3) of 5 U.S.C. 552, a description of whether a court has upheld the decision of the NRC to withhold information under each such statute, and a concise description of the scope of any information withheld;

(4) The number of requests for records pending before the NRC as of September 30 of the preceding year, and the median number of days that such requests had been pending before the agency as of that date;

(5) The number of requests for records received by the NRC and the number of requests that the NRC processed;

(6) The median number of days taken to process different types of requests;

(7) The total amount of fees collected by the NRC for processing requests;

(8) The number of full-time staff of the NRC devoted to processing requests under the FOIA and the total amount expended for processing these requests.

(b) The NRC will make a copy of the most recent report available to the public at the NRC Web site, http://www.nrc.gov.

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