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Information Notices - 1982

File Name Date Description
in82056 12/30/1982 Robertshaw Thermostatic Flow Control Valves
in82055 12/28/1982 Seismic Qualification of Westinghouse AR Relay with Latch Attachments Used in Westinghouse Solid State Protection System
in82054 12/27/1982 Westinghouse NBFD Relay Failures in Reactor Protection Systems
in82053 12/22/1982 Main Transformer Failures at the North Anna Nuclear Power Station
in82052 12/21/1982 Equipment Environmental Qualification Testing Experience – Updating of Test Summaries Previously Published in IN 81-29
in82051 12/21/1982 Overexposures in PWR Cavities –
in82050 12/20/1982 Modification of Solid State AC Undervoltage Relays Type ITE-27
in82049 12/16/1982 Correction for Sample Conditions for Air and Gas Monitoring
in82048 12/03/1982 Failures of Agastat CR 0095 Relay Sockets
in82047 11/30/1982 Transportation of Type A Quantities of Non-Fissile Radioactive Material
in82046 11/26/1982 Defective and Obsolete Combination Padlocks
in82045 11/19/1982 PWR Low Temperature Overpressure Protection
in82044 11/18/1982 Clarification of Emergency Plan Exercise Requirements
in82043 11/16/1982 Deficiencies in LWR Air Filtration/Ventilation Systems
in82042 11/05/1982 Defects Observed in Panasonic Model 801 and Model 802 Thermoluminescent Dosimeters
in82041 10/22/1982 Failure of Safety/Relief Valves to Open at a BWR
in82040 09/22/1982 Deficiencies in Primary Containment Electrical Penetration Assemblies
in82038 09/22/1982 Change in Format and Distribution System for IE Bulletins, Circulars, and Information Notices
in82039 09/21/1982 Service Degradation of Thick Wall Stainless Steel Recirculation System Piping at a BWR Plant
in82034r1 09/17/1982 Welds in Main Control Panels - Revision 1
in82037 09/16/1982 Cracking in the Upper Shell to Transition Cone Girth Weld of a Steam Generator at an Operating PWR
in82036 09/02/1982 Respirator Users Warning for Certain 5-Minute Emergency Escape Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
in82035 08/25/1982 Failure of Three Check Valves on High Pressure Injection Lines to Pass Flow
in82034 08/20/1982 Welds in Main Control Panels
in82033 08/20/1982 Control of Radiation Levels in Unrestricted Areas Adjacent to Brachytherapy Patients
in82032 08/19/1982 Contamination of Reactor Coolant System by Organic Cleaning Solvents
in82027 08/05/1982 Fuel Rod Degradation Resulting from Baffle Water-Jet Impingement
in82031 07/28/1982 Overexposure of Diver During Work in Fuel Storage Pool
in82030 07/26/1982 Loss of Thermal Sleeves in Reactor Coolant System Piping at Certain Westinghouse PWR Power Plants
in82029 07/23/1982 Control Rod Drive (CRD) Guide Tube Support Pin Failures at Westinghouse PWRs
in82028 07/23/1982 Hydrogen Explosion while Grinding in the Vicinity of Drained and Open Reactor Coolant System
in82026 07/22/1982 RCIC and HPCI Turbine Exhaust Check Valve Failures
in82025 07/20/1982 Failures of Hiller Actuators upon Gradual Loss of Air Pressure
in82024 07/20/1982 Water Leaking from Uranium Hexafluoride Overpacks
in82023 07/16/1982 Main Steam Isolation Valve (MSIV) Leakage
in82022 07/09/1982 Failures in Turbine Exhaust Lines
in82021 06/30/1982 Buildup of Enriched Uranium in Effluent Treatment Tanks
in82020 06/28/1982 Check Valve Problems –
in82019 06/18/1982 Loss of High Head Safety Injection Emergency Boration and Reactor Coolant Makeup Capability
in82018 06/11/1982 Assessment of Intakes of Radioactive Material by Workers
in82017 06/11/1982 Overpressurization of Reactor Coolant System
in82016 05/28/1982 HPCI/RCIC High Steam Flow Setpoints
in82015 05/28/1982 Notification of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
in82014 05/12/1982 TMI-1 Steam Generator/Reactor Coolant System Chemistry/Corrosion Problem
in82013 05/10/1982 Failures of General Electric Type HFA Relays
in82012 04/21/1982 Surveillance of Hydraulic Snubbers
in82011 04/09/1982 Potential Inaccuracies in Wide Range Pressure Instruments Used in Westinghouse Designed Plants
in82010 03/31/1982 Following Up Symptomatic Repairs to Assure Resolution of the Problem
in82009 03/31/1982 Cracking in Piping of Makeup Coolant Lines at B&W Plants
in82008 03/26/1982 Check Valve Failures on Diesel Generator Engine Cooling System
in82007 03/16/1982 Inadequate Security Screening Programs
in82006 03/12/1982 Failure of Steam Generator Primary Side Manway Closure Studs
in82005 03/10/1982 Increasing Frequency of Drug Related Incidents
in82004 03/10/1982 Potential Deficiency of Certain Agastat E-7000 Series Time-Delay Relays
in82003 03/04/1982 Environmental Tests of Electrical Terminal Blocks
in82002 01/27/1982 Westinghouse NBFD Relay Failures in Reactor Protection Systems at Certain Nuclear Power Plants
in82001r1 01/26/1982 Auxiliary Feedwater Pump Lockout Resulting from Westinghouse W-2 Switch Circuit Modification - Revision 1
in82001 01/22/1982 Auxiliary Feedwater Pump Lockout Resulting from Westinghouse W-2 Switch Circuit Modification
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