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Office of International Programs

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Office of International Programs

Director: Nader Mamish
Deputy Director: David Skeen

Provides assistance and recommendations to the Chairman, the Commission and the NRC staff on international issues. Provides overall coordination for NRC's international activities. Plans, develops and implements programs, in concert with other NRC offices, to carry out policies in the international arena, including export and import licensing responsibilities. Establishes and maintains working relationships with individual countries and international nuclear organizations, as well as other involved U.S. Government agencies.

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International Cooperation and Assistance Branch

Chief: Mugeh Afshar-Tous

Responsible for coordination with foreign counterparts and developing countries; support to assistance efforts; coordination of Arrangements with foreign entities; travel with Commissioners; coordination with program offices; preparation of briefing materials and country information; exchanges of classified and safeguards information with other countries.

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Export Controls and International Organizations Branch

Chief: Brooke Smith

Responsible for import/export licensing and all associated 10 CFR Part 110 rulemaking activities; responsible for international safeguards policy development and issue tracking; responsible for coordination with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) including screening requests from these international agencies to ensure the NRC is appropriately represented at these agencies; and responsible for reviewing IAEA/NEA documents to ensure NRC's views are appropriately considered before the documents are finalized.

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International Operations Branch

Chief: Janice Owens

Responsible for document processing and control; international travel planning and support; coordination and planning for international assignees; maintaining and tracking of arrangements and arrangement files; visa and passport processing; information technology and knowledge management support; collection, analysis, and creation of information products related to NRC's international activities; support to foreign training program; staff training; and, office space and equipment management.

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