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Getting Started


To use any of the three existing electronic submission systems, you must first complete the following Steps:

  1. Users must possess a digital certificate issued by the NRC. The pages linked below describe the steps to follow to obtain a digital certificate (free of charge):
  2. Upon your first use of either the Adjudicatory Submission, Criminal History Submission, or General Submission form you will be prompted to install an Active X plug-in that enables the digital signing function of the forms. Once the plug-in is installed you will not be prompted to do so again.

    Electronic Submittals Active-X Plug-in Installation Guide

  3. The Electronic Submissions System is designed to use .html forms for transaction purposes. This minimizes the size of the Forms Viewer software stored on your computer. If you wish to install the entire application you may do so by selecting the following link. Note this installation is not necessary to use the electronic submissions systems' applications.

  4. For the Adjudicatory submission system only, you must become a party to a hearing

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