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Power Reactors (Division 1): Regulatory Guides 1.201 - 1.221

This page lists the number, title, publication date, and revisions for each regulatory guide in Division 1, "Power Reactors," with references to draft guides and related documents (where applicable).

See also Draft Regulatory Guides for Division 1.

See NRC Regulatory Guides for more general information.

Reviewed dates (the last column in the table) are when the staff completed a periodic review of the associated guide. Regulatory Guides are reviewed about every 5 years, although in some cases a guide will reviewed before the normal 5 year period. The NRC began these reviews in 2010, and began posting the results of its reviews on this site in 2013. The review dates are hyperlinked to the review memorandum, which provide useful information about the status and any known issues with the associated regulatory guide.

The NRC encourages suggestions from stakeholders regarding any Regulatory Guide or development of new guides at any time. Suggestions received in this manner will be reviewed upon receipt, but will typically be fully evaluated during the next periodic review of the affect guides.

Title Rev. Publish
1.201 Guidelines for Categorizing Structures, Systems, and Components in Nuclear Power Plants According to Their Safety Significance 1 05/2006 04/2015
-- 01/2006  
1.202 Standard Format and Content of Decommissioning Cost Estimates for Nuclear Power Reactors -- 02/2005 07/2011
1.203 Transient and Accident Analysis Methods -- 12/2005 02/2015
1.204 Guidelines for Lightning Protection of Nuclear Power Plants -- 11/2005 12/2011
1.205 Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Fire Protection for Existing Light-Water Nuclear Power Plants 1
12/2009 12/2014
-- 05/2006  
1.206 Combined License Applications for Nuclear Power Plants (LWR Edition) -- 06/2007 03/2013
1.207 Guidelines for Evaluating Fatigue Analyses Incorporating the Life Reduction of Metal Components Due to the Effects of the Light-Water Reactor Environment for New Reactors -- 03/2007 03/2013
1.208 A Performance-Based Approach to Define the Site-Specific Earthquake Ground Motion -- 03/2007 11/2014
1.209 Guidelines for Environmental Qualification of Safety-Related Computer-Based Instrumentation and Control Systems in Nuclear Power Plants -- 03/2007 06/2013
1.210 Qualification of Safety-Related Battery Chargers and Inverters for Nuclear Power Plants -- 06/2008 11/2013
1.211 Qualification of Safety-Related Cables and Field Splices for Nuclear Power Plants -- 04/2009 05/2015


Sizing of Large Lead-Acid Storage Batteries -- 11/2008  
1.213 Qualification of Safety-Related Motor Control Centers for Nuclear Power Plants -- 05/2009 10/2014
1.214 Response Strategies for Potential Aircraft Threats (OUO-SRI) 1 03/2014  
-- 04/2009  

"Guidance for ITAAC Closure Under 10 CFR Part 52."

1 05/2012
-- 10/2009  
1.216 Containment Structural Integrity Evaluation for Internal Pressure Loadings Above Design-Basis Pressure -- 08/2010  

Guidance for the Assessment of Beyond-Design-Basis Aircraft Impacts

-- 08/2011  

Condition Monitoring Techniques for Electric Cables Used in Nuclear Power Plants

-- 04/2012  

Guidance on Making Changes to Emergency Plans for Nuclear Power Reactors

-- 12/2011  

Design-Basis Hurricane and Hurricane Missiles for Nuclear Power Plants

-- 10/2011  

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