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Generic Letters - 1981

File Name Date Description
gl81037 12/29/1981 ODYN Code Reanalysis Requirements
gl81040 12/16/1981 Qualifications of Reactor Operators
gl81039 11/30/1981 NRC Volume Reduction Policy
gl81038 11/10/1981 Storage of Low Level Radioactive Wastes at Power Reactor Sites
gl81036 09/29/1981 Revised Schedule for Completion of TMI Action Plan Item II.D.1, Relief and Safety Valve Testing
gl81034 08/31/1981 Safety Concerns Associated with Pipe Breaks in the BWR Scram System
gl81035 08/31/1981 Safety Concerns Associated with Pipe Breaks in the BWR Scram System
gl81033   Technical Specification for Station Batteries Multiplant Action
gl81032 08/07/1981 NUREG-0737, Item II.K.3.44-Evaluation of Anticipated Transients Combined with Single Failure
gl81029 08/07/1981 Simulator Examinations
gl81031   Small Break LOCA Confirmatory Integral Systems Experiments for B&W DesignedPlants
gl81030 07/31/1981 Safety Concerns Associated with Pipe Breaks in the BWR Scram System
gl81028 07/31/1981 Steam Generator Overfill
gl81026 07/14/1981 Licensing Requirements for Pending Construction Permit and Manufacturing License Applications
gl81027 07/09/1981 Privacy and Proprietary Material in Emergency Plans
gl81023a 07/06/1981 INPO Evaluation Reports
gl81025 06/15/1981 Change in Implementing Schedule for Submission and Evaluation of Upgraded Emergency Plans
gl81024 06/15/1981 Multi-Plant Issue B-56 Control Rods Fail to Fully Insert
gl81023 06/04/1981 INPO Plant Specific Evaluation Reports
gl81016 06/01/1981 NUREG-0737 Item I.C.1 SER on Abnormal Transient Operating Guidelines (ATOG)
gl81013 05/28/1981 SER for GEXL Correlation for 8X8R Fuel Reload Applications for Appendix D Submittals of the GE Topical Report
gl81022 05/05/1981 Engineering Evaluation of the H.B. Robinson Reactor Coolant System Leak on 1/29/81
gl81021 05/05/1981 Natural Circulation Cooldown
gl81001 05/04/1981 Qualification of Inspection, Examination, Testing and Audit Personnel
gl81019 04/20/1981 Thermal Shock to Reactor Pressure Vessels
gl81020 04/10/1981 Safety Concerns Associated with Pipe Breaks in the BWR Scram System
gl81018 03/30/1981 BWR Scram Discharge System-Clarification of Diverse Instrumentation Requirements
gl81015 03/10/1981 Environmental Qualification of Class 1E Electrical Equipment-Clarification of Staffs Handling of Proprietary Information
gl81017 03/05/1981 Functional Criteria for Emergency Response Facilities
gl81011 02/29/1981 BWR Feedwater Nozzle and Control Rod Drive Return Line Nozzle Cracking (NUREG-0619)
gl81003 02/26/1981 Implementation of NUREG-0313,Technical Report on Material Selection & Processing GL for BWR Coolant Press Boundary Piping
gl81006 02/26/1981 Periodic Updating of Final Safety Analysis Reports (FSARS)
gl81004 02/25/1981 Emergency Procedures And Training for Station Blackout Events
gl81012 02/20/1981 Fire Protection Rule (45 FR 76602, 11/19/80)
gl81010 02/18/1981 Post-TMI Requirements for the Emergency Operations Facility
gl81014 02/10/1981 Seismic Qualifications for Auxiliary Feedwater Systems
gl81007 02/03/1981 Control of Heavy Loads
gl81008 01/29/1981 Odyn Code
gl81002 01/27/1981 Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations Concerning Operator Licensing
gl81009 01/23/1981 BWR Scram Discharge System
gl81005 01/19/1981 Information Regarding the Program for Environmental Qualification Of Safety-Related Electrical Equipment
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