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Generic Letters - 1979

File Name Date Description
gl79070 12/21/1979 Environmental Monitoring for Direct Radiation
gl79069 12/20/1970 Cladding Rupture, Swelling, and Coolant Blockage as a Result of a Reactor Accident
gl79068 12/17/1979 Audit of Small Break LOCA Guidelines
gl79067 11/29/1979 Estimates for Evacuation of Various Areas Around Nuclear Power Reactors
gl79066 11/27/1979 Additional Information Re 11/09/79 Letter on ECCS Calculations
gl79065 11/27/1979 Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program Requirements – Enclosing Branch Technical Position, Revision 1
gl79064 11/23/1979 Suspension of All Operating Licenses
gl79063 11/21/1979 Upgraded Emergency Plans
gl79062   ECCS Calculations on Fuel Cladding
gl79061 11/09/1979 Discussion of Lessons Learned Short Term Requirements
gl79060 11/09/1979 Discussion of Lessons Learned Short Term Requirements
gl79058   ECCS Calculations on Fuel Cladding
gl79057   Acceptance Criteria for the Mark I Containment Long Term Program
gl79056 10/30/1979 Discussion of Lessons Learned Short Term Requirements
gl79055   Summary of Meeting Held on October 12, 1979 to Discuss Responses to IE Bulletins 79-05C and 79-06C and HPI Termination Criteria
gl79054   Containment Purging and Venting During Normal Operation
gl79053   ATWS
gl79052   Radioactive Release at North Anna Unit 1 and Lessons Learned
gl79051 10/10/1979 Follow-up Actions Resulting from the NRC Staff Reviews Regarding the TMI-2 Accident
gl79050   Emergency Plans Submittal Dates
gl79049 10/05/1979 Summary of Meetings Held on 9/18-20/79 to Discuss Potential Unreviewed Safety Question on Systems Interaction for B&W Pl
gl79048 10/02/1979 Confirmatory Requirements Relating to Condensation Oscillation Loads for the Mark I Containment Long Term Program
gl79047 10/02/1979 Radiation Training
gl79046 09/27/1979 Containment Purging and Venting During Normal Operation – Guidelines for Valve Operability
gl79045 09/25/1979 Transmittal of Reports Regarding Foreign Reactor Operating Experiences
gl79044 09/21/1979 Referencing 6/29/79 Letter Re Multiple Equipment Failures
gl79043   Reactor Cavity Seal Ring Generic Issue
gl79042 09/17/1979 Potential Unreviewed Question on Interaction Between Non-Safety Grade Systems and Safety Grade Systems
gl79041 09/17/1979 Compliance with 40 CFR 190, EPA Uranium Fuel Cycle Standard
gl79040 09/13/1979 Follow-up Actions Resulting from the NRC Staff Reviews Regarding the TMI-2 Accident
gl79039 08/22/1979 Transmitting Division 5 Draft Regulatory Guide and Value Impact Statement
gl79038 08/22/1979 BWR Off-Gas Systems – Enclosing NUREG/CR-0727
gl79037 08/10/1973 Amendment to 10 CFR 73.55 Deferral from 8/1/79 to 11/1/79
gl79036 08/08/1979 Adequacy of Station Electric Distribution Systems Voltages
gl79035 08/03/1979 Regional Meetings to Discuss Impacts on Emergency Planning
gl79034 07/30/1979 New Physical Security Plans (FR 43280-285)
gl79033 07/30/1979 Transmitting NUREG-0576 - Security Training and Qualification Plans
gl79032   Transmitting NUREG-0578, "TMI-2 Lessons Learned"
gl79031   Submittal of Copies of Response to 6/29/79 NRC Request
gl79030 07/18/1979 Transmitting NUREG-0472, Revision 2, Draft Radiological Technical Specifications
gl79029 07/18/1979 Transmitting NUREG-0473, Revision 2, Draft Radiological Effluent Technical Specifications
gl79027 07/16/1979 Operability Testing of Relief and Safety Relief Valves
gl79028 07/10/1979 Evaluation of Semi-Scale Small Break Experiment
gl79026   Upgraded Standard Technical Specification Bases Program
gl79025   Information Required to Review Corporate Capabilities
gl79024 06/26/1979 Multiple Equipment Failures in Safety-Related Systems
gl79023 06/20/1979 NRC Staff Review of Responses to I&E Bulletin 79-08
gl79022 06/11/1979 Enclosing NUREG-0560, "Staff Report on the Generic Assessment of Feedwater Transients in PWRs Designed by B&W
gl79021 06/04/1979 Enclosing NUREG/CR 0660, "Enhancement of on Site Emergency Diesel Generator Reliability"
gl79020 05/25/1979 Cracking in Feedwater Lines
gl79019 05/22/1979 NRC Staff Review of Responses to I&E Bulletins 79-06 and 79-06a
gl79018 05/15/1979 Westinghouse Two-Loop NSSS
gl79017 04/18/1979 Reliability of Onsite Diesel Generators at Light Water Reactors
gl79016 03/22/1979 Meeting Re Implementation Of Physical Security Requirements
gl79015 03/21/1979 Steam Generators-Enclosing Summary of Operating Experience with Recirculating Steam Generators, NUREG-0523
gl79014 03/15/1979 Pipe Crack Study Group – Enclosing NUREG-0531 and Notice
gl79013 03/12/1979 Schedule for Implementation and Resolution of Mark I Containment Long Term Program
gl79012 03/12/1979 ATWS – Enclosing Letter to GE, with NUREG-0460, Vol. 3
gl79011   Transmitting "Summary of Operating Experience with Recalculating Steam Generators, January 1979" NUREG-0523
gl79010 02/28/1979 Transmitting Regulatory Guide 2.6 for Comment
gl79009 02/27/1979 Staff Evaluation of Interim Multiple-Consecutive Safety-Relief Valve Actuations
gl79008 02/20/1979 Amendment to 10 CFR 73.55
gl79007 02/21/1979 Seismic (SSE) and LOCA Responses (NUREG-0484)
gl79006 02/14/1979 Contents of the Offsite Dose Calculation Manual
gl79005 01/26/1979 Information Relating to Categorization of Recent Regulatory Guides by the Regulatory Requirements Review Committee
gl79004 01/18/1979 Referencing 4/14/78 Letter – Modifications to NRC Guidance "Review and Acceptance of Spent Fuel Pool Storage and Handling"
gl79003 01/18/1979 Offsite Dose Calculation Manual
gl79002 01/09/1979 Transmitting Rev. to Entry Control Systems Handbook (SAND 77-1033), Intrusion Detection Handbook (SAND 76-0554), and Barrier Penetration Database
gl79001 01/09/1979 Interservice Procedures for Instructional Systems Development – TRADOC
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