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Circulars - 1979 Index

File Name Date Description
cr79025 12/14/1979 Shock Arrestor Strut Assembly Interference
cr79024 11/26/1979 Proper Installation and Calibration of Core Spray Pipe Break Detection Equipment on BWRs
cr79023 11/19/1979 Motor Starters and Contactors Failed to Operate
cr79022 11/15/1979 Stroke Times for Power Operated Relief Valves
cr79021 10/19/1979 Prevention of Unplanned Releases of Radioactivity
cr79020 09/21/1979 Failure of GTE Sylvania Relay Type PM Bulletin 7305 Catalog 5U12-11-AC with a 120V AC Coil
cr79019 09/10/1979 Loose Locking Devices on Ingersoll-Rand Pumps
cr79018 09/06/1979 Proper Installation of Target Rock Safety-Relief Valves
cr79017 08/09/1979 Contact Problem in SB-12 Switches on General Electric Company Metalclad Circuit Breakers
cr79016 08/03/1979 Excessive Radiation Exposures to Members of the General Public and a Radiographer
cr79015 08/02/1979 Bursting of High Pressure Hose and Malfunction of Relief Valve O-Ring in Certain Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
cr79014 07/13/1979 Unauthorized Procurement and Distribution of XE-133
cr79013 07/06/1979 Replacement of Diesel Fire Pump Starting Contactors
cr79012 06/21/1979 Potential Diesel Generator Turbocharger Problem
cr79011 06/21/1979 Design/Construction Interface Problem
cr79010 06/21/1979 Pipefittings Manufactured from Unacceptable Material
cr79009 06/15/1979 Occurrences of Split or Punctured Regulator Diaphragms in Certain Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
cr79008 05/17/1979 Attempted Extortion - Low Enriched Uranium
cr79007 04/30/1979 Unexpected Speed Increase of Reactor Recirculation MG Set Resulted in Reactor Power Increase
cr79006 04/16/1979 Failure to Use Syringe and Bottle Shields in Nuclear Medicine
cr79005 03/14/1979 Moisture Leakage in Stranded Wire Conductors
cr79004 03/13/1979 Loose Locking Nut on Limitorque Valve Operators
cr79003 02/23/1979 Inadequate Guard Training-Qualification and Falsified Training Records
cr79002 01/11/1979 Failure of 120 Volt Vital AC Power Supplies
cr79001 01/05/1979 Administration of Unauthorized Byproduct Material to Humans
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