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Escalated Enforcement Actions Issued to Individuals - H

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Name and
NRC Action Number
NRC Action Type Date Issued Description
Michael Hackett
IAORDER 07/28/2009 On July 28, 2009, the NRC issued a Confirmatory Order to Mr. Michael Hackett, Radiation Safety Officer for the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky (VAMC Lexington). The Order is a result of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) session on June 26, 2009. ADR was requested by Mr. Hackett after an NRC investigation determined that Mr. Hackett's actions caused VAMC Lexington to be in apparent violation by not implementing portions of the radiation safety program including: (1) failing to hold periodic Radiation Safety Committee meetings; (2) not performing annual program reviews; (3) and not performing required hazardous material training. The Order specifies that Mr. Hackett made no admission that he violated any NRC requirements and confirms commitments from Mr. Hackett for additional actions on his part to provide both the NRC and the National Health Physics Program (NHPP) for the Department of Veterans Affairs the minutes from quarterly Radiation Safety Committee meetings, annual program review results, and specific information following completion of the next training on transportation and receipt of radioactive material. Additionally, Mr. Hackett will (1) inform the NRC of his specific plans if he is assigned and has accepted responsibility for additional collateral duties, (2) inform NHPP and the NRC if he is unable to perform his duties, (3) submit to NRC an article with specific information for submittal and consideration for publication by NHPP, and (4)inform NRC if he leaves his position before the terms of the Order are completed. In consideration of these commitments from Mr. Hackett, the NRC agrees not to pursue any further enforcement action in connection with the apparent violations.
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