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FCIX 2013 Presentations

Presenter Organization Presentation Title
John Nagy Nuclear Fuel Services Corrective Action Program: lessons learned during the first 10 years of the program
Nancy Parr Westinghouse Human Performance Operating Experience at the Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility
Stephanie Morrow NRC Safety Culture: A Continuous Journey
Emeline Cluzel French Regulatory Authority French Stress Tests on French Fuel Cycle Facilities
James O'Brien Department of Energy Analysis of Beyond Design Basis Events at DOE Nuclear Facilities
Jonathan Marcano NRC Fuel Cycle Facilities Treatments of Natural Phenomena Hazards
Wayne Sepitko Westinghouse Post-Fukushima U.S. Industry Perspective and Columbia Fuel Facility Approach
Amir Vexler Global Nuclear Fuel Raising the Bar on Compliance and Safety
James Shepherd NRC NRC's Decommissioning Planning Rule and Follow-on Activities
Mark Lesser NRC TI 2600/017 Review of the Implementation of the Decommissioning Planning Rule
Robert Link AREVA 70.72 The Opportunities and Challenges
Kim Engle GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Nuclear Security and MC&A
Marissa Bailey NRC Physical Inventories and the Importance of Investigations When Inventory Differences are Beyond Control Limits
Patricia Holahan NRC Information Security
Robert Caldwell NRC Status of 10 CFR Parts 73/26 Rulemaking-Comprehensive Security and Fatigue Rulemaking Effort
Glenn Strausser USEC American Centrifuge
Jay Laughlin URENCO USA New Construction at LES/URENCO USA
David Tiktinsky and William Gloersen NRC Construction Lessons Learned: An NRC Perspective
Rodney Whitley Shaw AREVA MOX Services CAP Delivers more than NCVs & Discussing a Changing Schedule
Adrian Heymer NEI Cumulative Impact of Industry and NRC Actions
Bill Borchardt NRC NRC Executive Address
Michael Weber NRC Seeking a Better Way
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