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Hearing Track Selection Under 10 CFR Part 2

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The new NRC regulations in 10 CFR 2.310 control the selection of "hearing tracks" for the various types of NRC proceedings. The table below identifies the subparts of the regulations that contain both the general procedures and the procedures unique to a particular hearing track for a variety of licensing and regulatory actions, as follows:

Type of Action 10 CFR Part 2, Subpart
General Procedures
Most Formal
Supplementary Procedures
Hybrid Procedures
General, Less-Formal Procedures
License Transfers
Uranium enrichment facility licensing  X X            
 Notice of violation and imposition of fine  X X         X*  
 Modification, suspension, or revocation of all licenses  X X         X*  
HLW geologic repository initial construction authorization  X X X          
 HLW geologic repository initial license to receive and possess HLW  X X X          
 Reactor licensing proceedings involving credibility, motive, intent  X X         X*  
Spent fuel storage expansion onsite  X     X ** X   X*  
Reactor construction permit, operating license, combined license issuance  X       X   X*  
Reactor license amendment  X       X   X*  
Reactor license renewal  X       X    X*  
Early site permit issuance (Part 52)  X       X   X*  
Design certification rulemakings, where Commission orders oral hearing (Part 52)  X X ***     X ***     X
Reactor combined license issuance (Part 52)  X       X   X*  
Combined license authorization to operate (Part 52)  X       X      
 Reactor license transfer  X         X X*  
 Reactor operator license denial of issuance, modification, revocation  X X     X   X*  
 Materials license issuance  X       X   X*  
 Materials license amendment   X       X   X*  
 Materials license transfer  X         X X*  
 Materials license renewal  X       X   X*  
 ISFSI specific license issuance  X     X** X   X*  
 ISFSI specific license amendment  X     X** X   X*  
 Commission resolution of presiding officer-certified question under § 2.3335(d)  X             X

* Where presiding officer determines oral hearing will take 2 days or less, or where all parties agree.
** Subpart K procedures will be used if requested by any party
*** Commission has discretion to decide whether to hold hearings, and the procedures to be utilized.

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