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Petition for Rulemaking Dockets

The rulemaking petition process is the system by which any member of the public can request that the NRC develop, modify, or rescind a regulation.

The following pages provide links to the Regulations.gov site exit icon. This government-wide, online database includes NRC's public dockets related to petitions for rulemaking. The dockets include publicly available documents such as NRC-issued Federal Register notices, supporting documents, public comments, and other related documents. Select the docket number shown in the table to access a particular docket. Once you are in the docket, you may sign up to receive an email notification when particular documents are placed in the docket.

You can submit comments electronically by clicking “Submit a Comment” on the Regulations.gov Search Results page and completing the Public Comment and Submission Form. For more information on Regulations.gov, see the Help exit icon and Frequently Asked Questions exit icon.

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