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Standard Review Plan for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants: LWR Edition — Severe Accidents (NUREG-0800, Chapter 19)

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Section Title Rev. Date Updated
19.0 Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Severe Accident Evaluation for New Reactors Draft Rev. 3 11/2014
Draft Rev. 3 09/2012
Rev. 2 06/2007
Rev. 1 11/2002
Draft Rev. 1 06/2001
19.1 Determining the Technical Adequacy of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Results for Risk-Informed Activities Rev. 3 09/2012
Rev. 2 06/2007
Rev. 1 09/2006
Initial Issuance 02/2004
19.2 Review of Risk Information Used to Support Permanent Plant-Specific Changes to the Licensing Basis: General Guidance Initial Issuance 06/2007
19.3 Regulatory Treatment of Non-Safety Systems (RTNSS) for Passive Advanced Light Water Reactors Rev. 0 06/2014
Draft Rev. 0 07/2013
19.4 Strategies and Guidance to Address Loss-of-Large Areas of the Plant Due to Explosions and Fires Rev. 0 06/2015
Draft Rev. 0 05/2013
19.5 Adequacy of Design features and functional capabilities identified and described for withstanding Aircraft Impacts Rev. 0 04/2013
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