United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Information Notices - 1984

File Name Date Description
in84069s1 02/24/1986 Operation of Emergency Diesel Generators – Supplement 1
in84070s1 08/26/1985 Reliance on Water Level Instrumentation with a Common Reference Leg – Supplement 1
in84084r1 08/24/1985 Deficiencies in Ferro-Resonant Transformers – Revision 1
in84055s1 05/14/1985 Seal Table Leaks at PWRs – Supplement 1
in84052s1 05/08/1985 Inadequate Material Procurement Controls on the Part of Licensees and Vendors – Supplement 1
in84094 12/21/1984 Reconcentration of Radionuclides Involving Discharges Into Sanitary Sewage Systems Permitted Under 10 CFR 20.303
in84093 12/17/1984 Potential For Loss of Water From The Refueling Cavity
in84092 12/17/1984 Cracking of Flywheels On Cummins Fire Pump Diesel Engines
in84048s1 12/16/1984 Failures of Rockwell International Globe Valves – Supplement 1
in84091 12/10/1984 Quality Control Problems of Meteorological Measurements Programs
in84090 12/07/1984 Main Steam Line Break Effect on Environmental Qualification of Equipment
in84089 12/07/1984 Stress Corrosion Cracking in Nonsensitized 316 Stainless Steel
in84088 12/03/1984 Standby Gas Treatment System Problems
in84087 12/03/1984 Piping Thermal Deflection Induced by Stratified Flow
in84086 11/30/1984 Isolation Between Signals of The Protection System and Non-Safety-Related Equipment
in84085 11/30/1984 Molybdenum Breakthrough From Technetium-99m Generators
in84084 11/27/1984 Deficiencies in Ferro-Resonant Transformers
in84083 11/19/1984 Various Battery Problems
in84082 11/19/1984 Guidance For Posting Radiation Areas
in84081 11/16/1984 Inadvertent Reduction in Primary Coolant Inventory in BWRs During Shutdown and Startup
in84080 11/08/1984 Plant Transients Induced By Failure of Non-Nuclear Instrumentation Power
in84079 11/05/1984 Failure to Properly Install Steam Separator at Vermont Yankee
in84078 11/02/1984 Underrated Terminal Blocks That May Adversely Affect Operation of Essential Electrical Equipment
in84077 10/26/1984 Incident Involving Teletherapy Unit (AECL Eldorado-78)
in84076 10/19/1984 Loss of All AC Power
in84075 10/05/1984 Calibration Problems - Eberline Instrument Model 6112B Analog Teletectors
in84074 09/28/1984 Isolation of Reactor Coolant System From Low-Pressure Systems Outside Containment
in84073 09/14/1984 Downrating of Self-Aligning Ball Bushings Used in Snubbers
in84036s1 09/11/1984 Loosening of Locking Nut on Limitorque Operator – Supplement 1
in84072 09/10/1984 Clarification of Conditions For Waste Shipments Subject To Hydrogen Gas Generation
in84071 09/06/1984 Graphitic Corrosion of Cast Iron in Salt Water
in84070 09/04/1984 Reliance On Water Level Instrumentation With a Common Reference Leg
in84069 08/29/1984 Operation of Emergency Diesel Generators
in84068 08/21/1984 Potential Deficiency In Improperly Rated Field Wiring to Solenoid Valves
in84067 08/17/1984 Recent Snubber Inservice Testing With High Failure Rates
in84066 08/17/1984 Undetected Unavailability of The Turbine-Driven Auxiliary Feedwater Train
in84065 08/16/1984 Underrated Fuses Which May Adversely Affect Operation of Essential Electrical Equipment
in84064 08/15/1984 BWR High-Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) Initiation Seal-In and Indication
in84063 08/13/1984 Defective RHR Replacement Piping
in84062 08/10/1984 Therapy Misadministrations To Patients Undergoing Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Treatments
in84061 08/08/1984 Overexposure of Driver in PWR Refueling Cavity
in84060 08/06/1984 Failure of Air-Purifying Respirator Filters To Meet Efficiency Requirement
in84059 08/06/1984 Deliberate Circumventing of Station Health Physics Procedures
in84058 07/25/1984 Inadvertent Defeat of Safety Function Caused By Human Error Involving Wrong Unit, Wrong Train, or Wrong System
in84057 07/27/1984 Operating Experience Related to Moisture Intrusion in Safety-Related Electrical Equipment At Commercial Power Plants
in84056 07/10/1984 Respirator Users Notice For Certain 5-Minute Emergency Escape Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
in84055 07/06/1984 Seal Table Leaks at PWRs
in84054 07/05/1984 Deficiencies In Design Base Documentation and Calculations Supporting Nuclear Power Plant Design
in84053 07/05/1984 Information Concerning the Use of Loctite 242 and Other Anaerobic Adhesive/Sealants
in84052 06/29/1984 Inadequate Material Procurement Controls On The Part of Licensees and Vendors
in84051 06/26/1984 Independent Verification
in84050 06/21/1984 Clarification of Scope of Quality Assurance Programs for Transport Packages Pursuant to 10 CFR 50, Appendix B
in84049 06/18/1984 Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking Leading To Steam Generator Tube Failure
in84048 06/18/1984 Failures of Rockwell International Globe Valves
in84047 06/15/1984 Environmental Qualification Tests of Electrical Terminal Blocks
in84046 06/13/1984 Circuit Breaker Position Verification
in84045 06/11/1984 Reversed Differential Pressure Instrument Sensing Lines
in84044 06/08/1984 Environmental Qualification Testing of Rockbestos Cables
in84043 06/07/1984 Storage and Handling of Ophthalmic Beta Radiation Applicators
in84042 06/05/1984 Equipment Availability For Conditions During Outages not Covered by Technical Specifications
in84041 06/01/1984 IGSCC in BWR Plants
in84040 05/30/1984 Emergency Worker Doses
in84039 05/25/1984 Inadvertent Isolation of Containment Spray Systems
in84038 05/17/1984 Problems With Design, Maintenance and Operation of Offsite Power Systems
in84037 05/10/1984 Use of Lifted Leads and Jumpers During Maintenance or Surveillance Testing
in84036 05/01/1984 Loosening of Locking Nut on Limitorque Operator
in84035 04/23/1984 BWR Post-Scram Drywell Pressurization
in84034 04/23/1984 Respirator User Warning: Defective Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Air Cylinder
in84033 04/20/1984 Main Steam Safety Valve Failures Caused By Failed Cotter Pins
in84032 04/18/1984 Auxiliary Feedwater Sparger and Pipe Hanger Damage
in84031 04/18/1984 Increased Stroking Time of Bettis Actuators Because of Swollen Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Seals and Seal Set
in84030 04/18/1984 Discrepancies in Record Keeping and Material Defects in Bahnson [HVAC] Units
in84029 04/17/1984 General Electric Magne-Blast Circuit Breaker Problems
in84028 04/17/1984 Recent Serious Violations of NRC Requirements by Well-Logging Licensees
in84027 04/17/1984 Recent Serious Violations of NRC Requirements by Medical Licensees
in84026 04/16/1984 Recent Serious Violations of NRC Requirements by Moisture Density Gauge Licensees
in84025 04/16/1984 Recent Serious Violations of NRC Requirements by Radiography Licensees
in84024 04/05/1984 Physical Qualification of Individuals to Use Respiratory Protective Devices
in84023 04/05/1984 Results of The NRC-Sponsored Qualification Methodology Research Test on ASCO Solenoid Valves
in84022 03/29/1984 Deficiency in Comsip, Inc. Standard Bed Catalyst
in84005r1 03/28/1984 Exercise Frequency – Revision 1
in84021 03/28/1984 Inadequate Shutdown Margin
in84020 03/21/1984 Service Life of Relays in Safety-Related System
in84019 03/21/1984 Two Events Involving Unauthorized Entries Into PWR Reactor Cavities
in84018 03/07/1984 Stress Corrosion Cracking in PWR Systems
in84017 03/05/1984 Problems With Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Components Below the Nil Ductility Temperature
in84016 03/02/1984 Failure of Automatic Sprinkler System Valves to Operate
in84015 03/02/1984 Reporting of Radiological Releases
in84014 03/02/1984 Highlights of Recent Transport Regulatory Revisions By DOT and NRC
in84013 02/28/1984 Potential Deficiency In Motor-Operated Valve Control Circuits and Annunciation
in84012 02/27/1984 Failure of Soft Seat Valve Seals
in84011 02/24/1984 Training Program Deficiencies
in84010 02/21/1984 Motor-Operated Valve Torque Switches Set Below The Manufacturer's Recommended Value
in84009r1 03/07/1984 Lessons Learned From NRC Inspections of Fire Protection Safe Shutdown Systems (10 CFR 50, Appendix R) – Revision 1
in84009 02/13/1984 Lessons Learned From NRC Inspections of Fire Protection Safe Shutdown Systems (10 CFR 50, Appendix R)
in84008 02/14/1984 Employee Protection
in84006 01/25/1984 Steam Binding of Auxiliary Feedwater Pumps
in84004 01/18/1984 Failure of Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves Used Only During Cold Shutdowns
in84003 01/18/1984 Compliance With Conditions of License and Notification of Disability by Licensed Operators
in84005 01/16/1984 Exercise Frequency
in84002 01/10/1984 Operating a Nuclear Power Plant at Voltage Levels Lower Than Analyzed
in84001 01/10/1984 Excess Lubricant in Electric Cable Sheaths
in84007 01/03/1984 Design-Basis Threat and Review of Vehicular Access Controls
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