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Information Notices - 1983

File Name Date Description
in83044s1 08/30/1990 Potential Damage to Redundant Safety Equipment As a Result of Backflow Through the Equipment and Floor Drain System - Supplement 1
in83070s1 03/04/1985 Vibration-Induced Valve Failures - Supplement 1
in83066s1 05/25/1984 Fatality at Argentine Critical Facility - Supplement 1
in83084 12/30/1983 Cracked and Broken Piston Rods in Brown Bovery Electric Type 5HK Breakers
in83082 12/20/1983 Failure of Safety/Relief Valves to Open at BWR - Final Report
in83083 12/19/1983 Use of Portable Radio Transmitters Inside Nuclear Power Plants
in83081 12/07/1983 Entry Into High Radiation Areas From Areas Which Are Not Under Direct Surveillance
in83080 11/23/1983 Use of Specialized "Stiff" Pipe Clamps
in83079 11/23/1983 Apparently Improper Use of Commercial Grade Components in Safety-Related Systems
in83078 11/17/1983 Apparent Improper Modification of a Component Affecting Plant Safety
in83077 11/14/1983 Air/Gas Entrainment Events Resulting in System Failures
in83075 11/03/1983 Improper Control Rod Manipulation
in83074 11/03/1983 Rupture of Cesium-137 Source Used in Well-Logging Operations
in83076 11/02/1983 Reactor Trip Breaker Malfunctions (Undervoltage Trip Devices on GE Type AK-2-25 Breakers)
in83073 10/31/1983 Radiation Exposure From Gloves Contaminated With Uranium Daughter Products
in83072 10/28/1983 Environmental Qualification Testing Experience
in83071 10/27/1983 Defects in Load-Bearing Welds on Lifting Devices for Vessel Head and Internals
in83070 10/25/1983 Vibration-Induced Valve Failures
in83069 10/21/1983 Improperly Installed Fire Dampers at Nuclear Power Plants
in83068 10/11/1983 Respirator User Warning: Defective Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Air Cylinders
in83067 10/11/1983 Emergency-Use Respirator Material Defect Causes Production of Noxious Gases
in83066 10/07/1983 Fatality at Argentine Critical Facility
in83065 10/07/1983 Surveillance of Flow in RTD Bypass Loops Used in Westinghouse Plants
in83064 09/29/1983 Lead Shielding Attached to Safety-Related Systems Without 10 CFR 50.59 Evaluations
in83063 09/26/1983 Potential Failures of Westinghouse Electric Corporation Type SA-1 Differential Relays
in83062 09/26/1983 Failure of Redundant Toxic Gas Detectors Positioned at Control Room Ventilation Air Intakes
in83061 09/26/1983 Alleged Use of Stand-Ins For Welder Qualification Test
in83060 09/22/1983 Falsification of Test Results For Protective Coatings
in83059 09/15/1983 Dose Assignment for Workers in Non-Uniform Radiation Fields
in83057 08/31/1983 Potential Misassembly Problem With Automatic Switch Company (ASCO) Solenoid Valve Model NP 8316
in83058 08/30/1983 Transamerica Delaval Diesel Generator Crankshaft Failure
in83056 08/26/1983 Operability of Required Auxiliary Equipment
in83055 08/22/1983 Misapplication of Valves by Throttling Beyond Design Range
in83054 08/11/1983 Common Mode Failure of Main Steam Isolation Nonreturn Check Valves Valves
in83053 08/11/1983 Primary Containment Isolation Valve Discrepancies
in83052 08/09/1983 Radioactive Waste Gas System Events
in83051 08/05/1983 Diesel Generator Events -
in83050 08/01/1983 Failures of Class 1E Safety-Related Switchgear Circuit Breakers to Close on Demand
in83049 07/25/1983 Sampling and Prevention of Intrusion of Organic Chemicals Into Reactor Coolant Systems
in83048 07/14/1983 Gaseous Effluent Releases of Radioactive Iodine-125 and Iodine-131 in Excess of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Limits
in83047 07/12/1983 Failure of Hydraulic Snubbers as a Result of Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid
in83046 07/01/1983 Common-Mode Valve Failures Degrade Surry's Recirculation Spray Subsystem
in83045 07/01/1983 Environmental Qualification Test of General Electric Company "CR-2940" Position Selector Control Switch
in83044 07/01/1983 Potential Damage to Redundant Safety Equipment as a Result of Backflow Through The Equipment and Floor Drain System
in83043 06/24/1983 Improper Settings of Intermediate Range (IR) High Flux Trip Setpoints
in83042 06/23/1983 Reactor Mode Switch Malfuctions
in83041 06/22/1983 Actuation of Fire Suppression System Causing Inoperability of Safety-Related Equipment
in83040 06/22/1983 Need to Environmentally Qualify Epoxy Grouts and Sealers
in83039 06/17/1983 Failure of Safety/Relief Valves to Open at BWR - Interim Report
in83038 06/13/1983 Defective Heat Sink Adhesive and Seismically Induced Chatter In Relays Within Printed Circuit Cards
in83037 06/13/1983 Transformer Failure Resulting From Degraded Internal Connection Cables
in83036 06/09/1983 Impact of Security Practices on Safe Operations
in83035 05/31/1983 Fuel Movement With Control Rods Withdrawn at BWRs
in83034 05/26/1983 Event Notification Information Worksheet
in83033 05/26/1983 Nonrepresentative Sampling of Contaminated Oil
in83032 05/26/1983 Rupture of Americium-241 Source(s) Contained in a Well Logging Device
in83031 05/19/1983 Error in The Adlpipe Computer Program
in83030 05/11/1983 Misapplication of Generic Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP) Guidelines
in83029 05/06/1983 Fuel Binding Caused by Fuel Rack Deformation
in83028 05/04/1983 Criteria for Protective Action Recommendations For General Emergencies
in83027 05/04/1983 Operational Response to Events Concerning Deliberate Acts Directed Against Plant Equipment
in83026 05/03/1983 Failure of Safety/Relef Valve Discharge Line Vacuum Breakers
in83025 04/28/1983 Standby Gas Treatment System Heater High Temperature Trip Setpoint Adjustment
in83024 04/28/1983 Loose Parts in The Secondary Side of Steam Generators at Pressurized Water Reactors
in83023 04/25/1983 Inoperable Containment Atmosphere Sensing Systems
in83022 04/22/1983 Boiling Water Reactor Safety/Relief Valve Failures
in83021 04/15/1983 Defective Emergency-Use Respirator
in83001s1 04/15/1983 Ray Miller, Inc. - Supplement 1
in83020 04/13/1983 ITT Grinnell Figure 306/307 Mechanical Snubber Attachment Interference
in83019 04/05/1983 General Electric Type HFA Relay Contact Gap and Wipe Setting Adjustments
in83018 04/01/1983 Failures of The Undervoltage Trip Function of Reactor Trip System Breakers
in83017 03/31/1983 Electrical Control Logic Problem Resulting in Inoperable Auto-Start of Emergency Diesel Generator Units
in83016 03/30/1983 Contamination of The Auburn Steel Company Property With Cobalt-60
in83015 03/23/1983 Falsified Pre-Employment Screening Records
in83014 03/21/1983 Dewatered Spent Ion Exchange Resin Susceptibility to Exothermic Chemical Reaction
in83013 03/21/1983 Design Misapplication of Bergen-Paterson Standard Strut Restraint Clamp
in83012 03/18/1983 Incorrect Boron Standards -
in83011 03/14/1983 Possible Seismic Vulnerability of Old Lead Storage Batteries
in83010 03/11/1983 Clarification of Several Aspects Relating to Use of NRC-Certified Transport Packages
in83009 03/09/1983 Safety and Security of Irradiators
in83008 03/09/1983 Component Failures Caused by Elevated DC Control Voltage
in83007 03/07/1983 Nonconformities With Materials Supplied by Tube Line Corporation
in83006 02/24/1983 Nonidentical Replacement Parts -
in83005 02/24/1983 Obtaining Approval for Disposing of Very-Low-Level Radioactive Waste - 10 CFR Section 20.302
in83004 02/18/1983 Failure of ELMA Power Supply Units
in83003 01/28/1983 Calibration of Liquid Level Instruments
in83002 01/28/1983 Limitorque HOBC, H1BC, H2BC, and H3BC Gearheads
in83001 01/26/1983 Ray Miller, Inc.
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