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Generic Letters – 1989

File Name Date Description
gl89001s1 11/14/1990 NUREG-1301 - "Offsite Dose Calculation Manual Guidance: Standard Radiological Effluent Controls for Pressurized Water Reactors"
gl89010s3 10/25/1990 Consideration of the Results of NRC-Sponsored Tests of Motor-Operated Valves
gl89023 10/23/1989 NRC Staff Responses to Questions Pertaining to Implementation of 10 CFR Part 26
gl89022 10/19/1989 Potential for Increased Roof Loads and Plant Area Flood Runoff Depth Due to Recent Change in Probable Maximum Precipitation Criteria Developed by the National Weather Service
gl89021 10/19/1989 Request for Information Concerning Status of Implementation of Unresolved Safety Issue (USI) Requirements
gl89020 09/26/1989 Protected Area Long-Term Housekeeping
gl89019 09/20/1989 Request for Actions Related to Resolution of Unresolved Safety Issue A-47 "Safety Implication of Control Systems in LWR Nuclear Power Plants" Pursuant to 10 CFR 50.54(f)
gl89017 09/06/1989 Planned Administrative Changes to the NRC Operator Licensing Written Examination Process
gl89018 09/06/1989 Resolution of Unresolved Safety Issues A-17, "Systems Interactions in Nuclear Power Plants"
gl89016 09/01/1989 Installation of a Hardened Wetwell Vent
gl89014 08/21/1989 Line-Item Improvements in Technical Specifications - Removal of 3.25 Limit on Extending Surveillance Intervals
gl89015 08/21/1989 Emergency Response Data System
gl89007s1 08/21/1989 Power Reactor Safeguards Contingency Planning for Surface Vehicle Bombs
gl89010s2 08/03/1990 Availability of Program Descriptions
gl89011 06/30/1989 Resolution of Generic Issue 101 "Boiling Water Reactor Water Level Redundancy"
gl89012 07/06/1989 Operator Licensing Examination
gl89013 07/18/1989 Service Water System Problems Affecting Safety-Related Equipment
gl89010s5 06/28/1993 Inaccuracy of Motor-Operated Valve Diagnostic Equipment
gl89010 06/28/1989 Safety-Related Motor-Operated Valve Testing and Surveillance
gl89010s1 06/13/1990 Results of the Public Workshops
gl89009 05/08/1989 ASME Section III Component Replacements
gl89008 05/02/1989 Erosion/Corrosion-Induced Pipe Wall Thinning
gl89007 04/28/1989 Power Reactor Safeguards Contingency Planning for Surface Vehicle Bombs
gl89006 04/12/1989 Task Action Item I.D.2 - Safety Parameter Display System - 10 CFR 50.54 (f)
gl89013s1 04/04/1990 Service Water System Problems Affecting Safety-Related Equipment
gl89005 04/04/1989 Pilot Testing of the Fundamentals Examination
gl89004s1 04/04/1995 Guidance on Developing Acceptable Inservice Testing Programs
gl89004 04/03/1989 Guidance on Developing Acceptable Inservice Testing Programs
gl89003 03/24/1989 Operator Licensing Examination Schedule
gl89002 03/21/1989 Actions to Improve the Detection of Counterfeit and Fraudulently Marketed Products
gl89010s6 03/08/1994 Information on Schedule and Grouping, and Staff Responses to Additional Public Questions
gl89010s4 02/12/1992 Consideration of Valve Mispositioning in Boiling Water Reactors
gl89001 01/31/1989 Implementation of Programmatic and Procedural Controls for Radiological Effluent Technical Specifications
gl89010s7 01/24/1996 Consideration of Valve Mispositioning in Pressurized-Water Reactors
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