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Generic Letters - 1986

File Name Date Description
gl86016 10/22/1986 Westinghouse ECCS Evaluation Models
gl86017 10/17/1986 Availability of NUREG-1169, "Technical Findings Related to Generic Issue C-8, BWR MSIC Leakage and Treatment Methods"
gl86015 09/22/1986 Information Relating to Compliance with 10 CFR 50.49 "Environmental Qualification of Electric Equipment Important to Safety for Nuclear Power Plants"
gl86014 08/20/1986 Operator Licensing Examinations
gl86013 07/23/1986 Potential Inconsistency Between Plant Safety Analyses and Technical Specifications
gl86012 07/03/1986 Criteria for Unique Purpose Exemption From Conversion From the Use of HEU Fuel
gl86011 06/25/1986 Distribution of Products Irradiated in Research Reactors
gl86006 05/29/1986 Implementation of TMI Action Item II.K.3.5, "Automatic Trip of Reactor Coolant Pumps"
gl86005 05/29/1986 Implementation of TMI Action Item II.K.3.5, "Automatic Trip of Reactor Coolant Pumps"
gl86010 04/24/1986 Implementation of Fire Protection Requirements
gl86009 03/31/1986 Technical Resolution of Generic Issue B-59, (N-1) Loop Operation in BWRs and PWRs
gl86010s1 03/25/1994 Fire Endurance Test Acceptance Criteria for Fire Barrier Systems Used to Separate Redundant Safe Shutdown Trains Within the Same Fire Area
gl86008 03/25/1986 Availability of Supplement 4 to NUREG-0933, "A Prioritization of Generic Safety Issues"
gl86007 03/20/1986 Transmittal of NUREG-1190 Regarding the San Onofre Unit 1 Loss of Power and Water Hammer Event
gl86004 02/13/1986 Policy Statement On Engineering Expertise on Shift
gl86003 02/10/1986 Applications for License Amendments
gl86002 01/23/1986 Technical Resolution of Generic Issue B-19 - Thermal Hydraulic Stability
gl86001 01/03/1986 Safety Concerns Associated with Pipe Breaks in the BWR Scram System
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