United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Generic Letters - 1984

File Date Description
gl84024 12/27/1984 Certification of Compliance to 10 CFR 50.49, Environmental Qualification of Electric Equipment Important to Safety for Nuclear Power Plants
gl84023 10/26/1984 Reactor Vessel Water Level Instrumentation in BWRs
gl84022   10 CFR 20.408 Termination Reports - Format
gl84021 10/16/1984 Long Term Low Power Operation in Pressurized Water Reactors
gl84020 08/20/1984 Scheduling Guidance for Licensee Submittals of Reloads That Involve Unreviewed Safety Questions
gl84019 08/06/1984 Availability of Supplement 1 to NUREG-0933, "A Prioritization of Generic Safety Issues"
gl84018 07/06/1984 Filing of Applications for Licenses and Amendments
gl84017 07/03/1984 Annual Meeting to Discuss Recent Developments Regarding Operator Training, Qualifications, and Examinations
gl84015 07/02/1984 Proposed Staff Actions to Improve and Maintain Diesel Generator Reliability
gl84016 06/27/1984 Adequacy of On-Shift Operating Experience for Near Term Operating License Applicants
gl84014 05/11/1984 Replacement and Requalification Training Program
gl84009 05/08/1984 Recombiner Capability Requirements of 10 CFR 50.44(c)(3)(ii)
gl84013 05/03/1984 Technical Specification for Snubbers
gl84012 04/30/1984 Compliance with 10 CFR 61 and Implementation of Radiological Effluent Tech Specs, Attendant Process Control Program
gl84010 04/26/1984 Administration of Operating Tests Prior to Initial Criticality
gl84011 04/19/1984 Inspections of BWR Stainless Steel Piping
gl84008 04/04/1984 Interim Procedures for NRC Management of Plant-Specific Backfitting
gl84006 04/16/1984 Operator and Senior Operator License Examination Criteria For Passing Grade
gl84005 04/02/1984 Change to NUREG-1021, "Operator Licensing Examiner Standards"
gl84007 03/14/1984 Procedural Guidance for Pipe Replacement at BWRs
gl84004 02/01/1984 Safety Evaluation of Westinghouse Topical Reports Dealing with Elimination of Postulated Pipe Breaks in PWR Primary Main Loops (Generic Letter 84-04)
gl84003 01/13/1984 Availability of NUREG-0933, "A Prioritization of Generic Safety Issues"
gl84002 01/06/1984 Notice of Meeting Regarding Facility Staffing
gl84001 01/05/1984 NRC Use Of The Terms "Important To Safety" and "Safety Related"
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