United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Circulars - 1978 Index

File Name Date Description
cr78019 12/28/1978 Manual Override (Bypass) of Safety System Actuation Signals
cr78018 11/02/1978 UL Fire Test
cr78017 10/13/1978 Inadequate Guard Training/Qualification and Falsified Training Records
cr78016 07/21/1978 Limitorque Valve Actuators
cr78015 07/20/1978 Tilting Disc Check Valves Fail to Close with Gravity in Vertical Position
cr78014 07/17/1978 HPCI Turbine Reversing Chamber Hold Down Bolting
cr78013 07/06/1978 Inoperability of Service Water Pumps
cr78012 06/29/1978 HPCI Turbine Control Valve Lift Rod Bending
cr78011 06/07/1978 Recirculation MG Set Overspeed Stops
cr78010 06/07/1978 Control of Sealed Sources in Radiation Therapy
cr78009 05/31/1978 Arcing of General Electric Company Size 2 Contactors
cr78008 05/31/1978 Environmental Qualification of Safety-Related Electrical Equipment at Nuclear Power Plants
cr78007 05/31/1978 Damaged Components of a Bergen-Paterson Series 25000 Hydraulic Test Stand
cr78006 05/31/1978 Potential Common Mode Flooding of ECCS Equipment Rooms at BWR Facilities
cr78005 05/23/1978 Inadvertent Safety Injection During Cooldown
cr78004 05/15/1978 Installation Errors That Could Prevent Closing of Fire Doors
cr78003 05/05/1978 Packaging Greater than Type A Quantities of Low Specific Activity Radioactive Material for Transport
cr78002 04/19/1978 Proper Lubricating Oil for Terry Turbines
cr78001 04/05/1978 Loss of Well Logging Source
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