United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

NRC Administrative Letters: 1994 Index

Document Number Date Title
AL-94-017 12/15/1994 Addressing Correspondence to the NRC
AL-94-016 11/30/1994 Revision of NRC Core Inspection Program for Annual Emergency Preparedness Exercise
AL-94-014 09/22/1994 Distribution of Supplement 7 to NUREG-1021, "Operator Licensing Examiner Standards"
AL-94-013r2 05/03/1996 Access to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Bulletin Board Systems
AL-94-013r1 06/29/1995 Access to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Bulletin Board Systems
AL-94-013 09/13/1994 Access to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Bulletin Board Systems
AL-94-012 09/12/1994 Operator Licensing Examination Schedule
AL-94-011 09/07/1994 Request for Voluntary Comment on the Pilot Program for NRC Recognition of Good Performance by Nuclear Power Plants
AL-94-010 08/17/1994 Distribution of NUREG-1478, "Non-Power Reactor Operator Licensing Examiner Standards"
AL-94-009 08/04/1994 Changes to the "Mandatory Guidelines For Federal Work Place Drug Testing Prgrams"
AL-94-008 07/13/1994 Consolidation of the NRC Region V and Region IV Offices
AL-94-007 05/06/1994 Distribution of Site-Specific and Site Emergency Planning Information
AL-94-006 04/27/1994 Visits By Members of the Public to Nuclear Power Plants
AL-94-005 04/25/1994 Notification Concerning Changes to 10 CFR Part 55
AL-94-004 04/11/1994 Change of the NRC Operations Center Commercial Telephone and Facsimile Numbers
AL-94-015 10/06/1994 Reorganization of the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
AL-94-003 03/17/1994 Announcing An NRC Inspection Procedure On Licensee Self-Assessment Programs For NRC Area-Of-Emphasis Inspections
AL-94-002 01/28/1994 Acknowledgement of Receipt and/or Update of Official Agency Files of Licensee Submittals
AL-94-001 01/13/1994 Forthcoming NRC Meeting With Industry to Discuss the Potential For Pressure Locking and Thermal Binding of Gate Valves
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