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Change Notice 00-003

Issue Date: 04/03/00


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1. IMC 251503/09/99IMC 251504/03/00
2.IMC 2515, App A07/23/98 IMC 2515, App A04/03/00
3.IMC 2515, App B05/04/98IMC 2515, App B04/03/00
4.IMC 2515, App C09/08/97IMC 2515, App C04/03/00
5.IMC 2515, App C2 09/08/97--------
6.--------IMC 2515, App D 04/03/00
7.--------IP 7111104/03/00
8.--------IP 71111.0104/03/00
9.--------IP 71111.0204/03/00
10.--------IP 71111.0404/03/00
11.--------IP 71111.0504/03/00
12.--------IP 71111.0604/03/00
13.--------IP 71111.0704/03/00
14.--------IP 71111.0804/03/00
15.--------IP 71111.1104/03/00
16.--------IP 71111.1204/03/00
17.--------IP 71111.1304/03/00
18.--------IP 71111.1404/03/00
19.--------IP 71111.1504/03/00
20.--------IP 71111.1604/03/00
21.--------IP 71111.1704/03/00
22.--------IP 71111.1904/03/00
23.--------IP 71111.2004/03/00
24.--------IP 71111.2104/03/00
25.--------IP 71111.2204/03/00
26.--------IP 71111.2304/03/00
27.--------IP 7111404/03/00
28.--------IP 71114.0104/03/00
29.--------IP 71114.0204/03/00
30.--------IP 71114.0304/03/00
31.--------IP 71114.0404/03/00
32.--------IP 71114.0504/03/00
33.--------IP 71114.0604/03/00
34.--------IP 7112104/03/00
35.--------IP 71121.0104/03/00
36.--------IP 71121.0204/03/00
37.--------IP 71121.0304/03/00
38.--------IP 7112204/03/00
39.--------IP 71122.0104/03/00
40.--------IP 71122.0204/03/00
41.--------IP 71122.0304/03/00
42.-------- IP 71130 04/03/00
43.-------- IP 71130.01 04/03/00
44.-------- IP 71130.02 04/03/00
45.-------- IP 71130.03 04/03/00
46.-------- IP 71130.04 04/03/00
47.-------- IP 71151 04/03/00
48.--------IP 7115304/03/00
49.IP 9380008/02/99IP 9380004/03/00
50.--------IP 9381204/03/00
51.--------IP 9500104/03/00
52.--------IP 9500204/03/00
53.--------IP 9500304/03/00
TRAINING:TTC course G-200 is required for implementing the inspection requirements of the revised reactor oversight process. This training course has been held in all the regional offices and the training center at TTC, and will continue to be offered at the technical training center.
REMARKS:The following procedures comprise the risk-informed baseline inspection program. The baseline inspection program provides the minimum inspection oversight for determining, along with performance indicators, the safety performance of operating nuclear power reactors.
 Major changes from the draft procedures that were used during the pilot program are:
IP 71111:Attachment 3 (emergent work) was removed and its requirements added to Attachment 13; Attachments 9 (inservice testing) and 10 (large containment isolation valves) were removed and some of their requirements added to other attachments. The scope of Attachment 2 (changes to license conditions) was changed to cover only 10 CFR 50.59 evaluations, the requirements for emergency and security plan changes were added to their respective cornerstone procedures, and the title changed to reflect the new scope.
IP 71114:Two new attachments were added to better clarify the scope and requirements for this procedure; Attachment 5 (correction of weaknesses and deficiencies) and Attachment 6 (drill evaluation). Attachment 4 (action level and plan changes) was changed to incorporate the emergency preparedness requirements from 71111.02.
IP 71121: The frequency for Attachment 2 (ALARA) was changed to biennially to give the regions flexibility in scheduling the procedure's requirements during periods of higher risk and opportunities for inspection.
IP 71130: Attachment 04 (Security Plan Changes) was added to include the security requirements for plan changes that were in 71111.02.
IP 71150:Plant status requirements and guidance for resident inspectors have been moved to Appendix D of IMC 2515 and the procedure has been removed from the baseline inspection program. This change reflects the policies that residents have functions beyond inspection and plant status is used for preparing the resident inspectors in conducting the other baseline inspection procedures.
IP 71153:Event follow up requirements for the baseline inspection program were changed to reflect risk informing the agency's criteria for determining those events that need additional follow up by the agency.
IP 71111(Reactor Safety-Initiating Events, Mitigating Systems, Barrier Integrity)
IP 71111.01(Adverse Weather Protection)
IP 71111.02 (Evaluation of Changes, Tests, or Experiments)
IP 71111.04 (Equipment Alignment)
IP 71111.05(Fire Protection)
IP 71111.06(Flood Protection Measures)
IP 71111.07 (Heat Sink Performance)
IP 71111.08(Inservice Inspection Activities)
IP 71111.11(Licensed Operator Requalification)
IP 71111.12(Maintenance Rule Implementation)
IP 71111.13 (Maintenance Risk Assessments and Emergent Work Evaluation)
IP 71111.14(Personnel Performance During Nonroutine Plant Evolutions)
IP 71111.15(Operability Evaluations)
IP 71111.16(Operator Workarounds)
IP 71111.17(Permanent Plant Modifications)
IP 71111.19(Post Maintenance Testing)
IP 71111.20(Refueling and Outage Activities)
IP 71111.21(Safety System Design and Performance Capability)
IP 71111.22(Surveillance Testing)
IP 71111.23(Temporary Plant Modifications)
IP 71114(Reactor Safety-Emergency Preparedness)
IP 71114.01(Exercise Evaluation)
IP 71114.02 (Alert and Notification System Testing)
IP 71114.03 (Emergency Response Organization Augmentation Testing)
IP 71114.04(Emergency Action Level and Emergency Plan Changes)
IP 71114.05(Correction of Emergency Preparedness Weaknesses and Deficiencies)
IP 71114.06 (Drill Evaluation)
IP 71121 (Occupational Radiation Safety)
IP 71121.01 (Access Control To Radiologically Significant Areas)
IP 71121.02(ALARA Planning and Controls)
IP 71121.03(Radiation monitoring Instrumentation)
IP 71122(Public Radiation Safety)
IP 71122.01(Radioactive Gaseous and Liquid Effluent Treatment and Monitoring Systems
IP 71122.02 (Radioactive Material Processing and Transportation)
IP 71122.03 (Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP))
IP 71130(Physical Protection)
IP 71130.01(Access Authorization (AA) Program (Behavior Observation Only))
IP 71130.02(Access Control (Search of Personnel, Packages, and Vehicles: Identification and Authorization))
IP 71130.03(Response to Contingency Events (Protective Strategy and Implementation of Protective Strategy))
IP 71130.04 (Security Plan Changes)
IP 71151 (Performance Indicator Verification)
IP 71152 (Identification and Resolution of Problems)
IP 71153(Event Followup)
The following inspection procedures are to be used to assess performance issues that have been identified as being risk significant by the Significance Determination Process or when a performance indicator exceeds the "licensee response band" threshold. The specific procedures chosen for implementation will be based upon guidance contained in the NRC's assessment Action Matrix and the Supplemental Inspection Table included in Appendix B to IMC 2515.
IP 93800(Augmented Inspection Procedure)
IP 93812(Special Inspection)
IP 95001(Inspection For One Or Two White Inputs In A Strategic Performance Area)
IP 95002(Inspection For One Degraded Cornerstone Or Any Three White Inputs In A Strategic Performance Area)
IP 95003(Inspection For Repetitive Degraded Cornerstones, Multiple Degraded Cornerstones, Multiple Yellow Inputs, Or One Red Input)


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