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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2014

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Document Number Date Title
RIS 14-14 12/29/2014 Clarification of Information Security Requirements for Nonpower Reactor Licensees
RIS 14-13 12/17/2014 Planned Licensing Action Submittals for All Power Reactor Licensees
RIS 14-12 10/14/2014 Decommissioning Fund Status Report Calculations - Update to Low-Level Waste Burial Charge Information
RIS 14-11 10/14/2014 Information On Licensing Applications For Fracture Toughness Requirements For Ferritic Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary Components
RIS 14-10 09/18/2014 Requirements for Exempt Distribution Licensee Annual Transfer Reports
RIS 14-09 08/06/2014 Maintaining The Effectiveness Of License Renewal Aging Management Programs
RIS 14-08 05/27/2014 Regulatory Requirements for Transfer of Control (Change of Ownership) of Specific Materials Licenses
RIS 14-07 05/05/2014 Enhancement To The Vendor Inspection Program Vendor Information Request
RIS 14-06 05/05/2014 Consideration of Current Operating Issues and Licensing Actions in License Renewal
RIS 14-05 04/29/2014 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations
RIS 14-04 05/12/2014 National Source Tracking System Long-Term Storage Indicator
RIS 14-03 03/13/2014 Notice of 10 CFR Part 37 Implementation Deadline for NRC Licensees
RIS 14-02 04/16/2014 Withdrawal of NRC Generic Letter 95-08, "10 CFR 50.54(p) Process For Changes To Security Plans Without Prior NRC Approval"
RIS 14-01 01/10/2014 Regulatory Requirements For Withholding Of Proprietary Information From Public Disclosure

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