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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2013

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Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
RIS-13-19 Removal of Safeguards Information Designation from Attachment 2 to Order EA-02-261, "Order for Compensatory Measures Related to Access Authorization" -- 12/13/2013 --
RIS-13-18 Licensing Submittal Information and Design Development Activities for Small Modular Reactor Designs -- 11/15/2013 --
RIS-13-17 Resuming Normal Interactions Between the NRC and NRC Stakeholders Following an Agency Shutdown -- 10/17/2013 --
RIS-13-16 Interactions Between the NRC and NRC Stakeholders During a Lapse of Agency Appropriations S1 10/09/2013 --
-- 10/01/2013 --
RIS-13-15 Not Issued -- -- --
RIS-13-14 Reporting Transactions Involving Temporary Jobsites to the National Source Tracking System -- 09/11/2013 --
RIS-13-13 Not Issued -- -- --
RIS-13-12 Notice Of Issuance Of Enforcement Guidance Memorandum – Interim Guidance For Dispositioning Violations Involving 10 CFR 35.60 And 10 CFR 35.63 For The Calibration Of Instrumentation To Measure The Activity Of Rubidium-82 And The Determination Of Rubidium-82 Patient Dosages -- 08/23/2013 --
RIS-13-11 Resolution of Licensing Process Expectations for Pressurized Water Reactor Fuel Assemblies Susceptible to Top Nozzle Stress Corrosion Cracking in Dry Cask Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation -- 09/04/2013 --
RIS-13-10 Permanent Implant Brachytherapy Medical Event Reporting Under 10 CFR Part 35 -- 07/30/2013 --
RIS-13-09 Guidelines for Effective Prevention and Management of System Gas Accumulation -- 08/23/2013 --
RIS-13-08 Process For Scheduling Acceptance Reviews Of New Reactor Licensing And Design Certification Applications And Process For Determining Budget Needs For Fiscal Year 2016 -- 05/28/2013 --
RIS-13-07 NRC Staff Position On The Use of American Society Of Mechanical Engineers Certification Mark -- 05/28/2013 --
RIS-13-06 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations W 81 FR 31969
RIS-13-05 NRC Position on the Relationship between General Design Criteria and Technical Specification Operability -- 05/09/2013 --
RIS-13-04 Content Specification and Shielding Evaluation for Type B Transportation Packages -- 04/23/2013 --
RIS-13-03 Pre-Application Communication and Scheduling for Medical Radioisotope Facilities Intending to Produce Molybdenum-99 -- 04/24/2013 --
RIS-13-02 Impact of Sequestration on NRC Activities and NRC Stakeholders -- 03/01/2013 --
RIS-13-01 Use Of Aftermarket Sealed Sources Registered Under 10 CFR 32.210 -- 03/12/2013 --

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