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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2007

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Document Number Date Title
RIS-07-29 12/27/07 Clarified Guidance for Licensed Operator Watch-standing Proficiency
RIS-07-28 12/07/07 Security Requirements for Portable Gauges
RIS-07-27 12/05/07 Improving Public Understanding of the Risks Associated with Medical Events
RIS-07-26   Not Issued
RIS-07-25 12/18/07 Combined License Application Acceptance Review Process
RIS-07-24 09/27/07 NRC Staff Position on Use of the Westinghouse Crossflow Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Power Uprate or Power Recovery
RIS-07-23 10/04/07 Date for Operation of National Source Tracking System
RIS-07-22 10/04/07 Status Update for Implementation of NRC Regulatory Authority for Certain naturally-Occurring and Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material
Revision 1
02/09/09 Adherence to Licensed Power Limits
RIS-07-20 08/23/07 Implementation of Primary-to-secondary Leakage Performance Criteria
RIS-07-19 08/20/07 Process for Communicating Clarifications of Staff Positions Provided in Regulatory Guide 1.205 Concerning Issues Identified During the Pilot Application of National Fire Protection Association Standard 805
RIS-07-18 09/07/07 Data for Updating the Interim Inventory of Radioactive Sources
RIS-07-17 07/12/07 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations
Revision 1
04/28/10 Implementation of the Requirements of 10 CFR 54.37(b) for Holders of Renewed Licenses
RIS-07-15 06/05/07 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2007-15 Unescorted Access to Materials for Non-Manufacturer and Distributor Service Providers
RIS-07-14 06/05/07 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2007-14 Fingerprinting Requirements for Licensees Implementing the Increased Control Order
RIS-07-13 08/31/07 Verification of the Authenticity of Materials Possession Licenses
RIS-07-12 06/26/07 Changes to the Unplanned Scrams with Loss of Normal Heat Removal Performance Indicator
RIS-07-11   Not Issued
RIS-07-10 05/15/07 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2007-10, Subscriptions to New List Server for Automatic Notifications of Medical-related Generic Communications, Federal Register Notices And Newsletters
RIS-07-09 05/04/07 Examples of Recurring Requests for Additional Information (RAIS) for 10 Cfr Part 71 and 72 Applications
RIS-07-08 04/16/07 Updated Licensing Submittal Information to Support The Design-centered Licensing Review Approach
RIS-07-07 04/05/07 Clarification of Increased Controls for Licensees That Possess Collocated Radioactive Material During Transportation Activities
RIS-07-06 03/22/07 Regulatory Guide 1.200 Implementation
RIS-07-05 03/20/07 Status and Plans for Implementation of Nrc Regulatory Authority for Certain Naturally-occurring and Accelerator-produced Radioactive Material
RIS-07-04 03/09/07 Personally Identifiable Information Submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
RIS-07-03 03/01/07 Ionizing Radiation Warning Symbol
RIS-07-02 02/02/07 Clarification of NRC Guidance for Emergency Notifications During Quickly Changing Events
RIS-07-01 01/10/07 Clarification of NRC Guidance for Maintaining a Standard Emergency Action Level Scheme

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